A Combination of Artistic Lines and Structures Reigned During Francis Libiran’s LAFW Debut

A Combination of Artistic Lines and Structures Reigned During Francis Libiran’s LAFW Debut


Francis Libiran presented a new collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week, and here’s what it was all about.

The skill and creativity of Francis Libiran, one of the Philippines’ top designers, recently premiered at the Los Angeles Fashion Week, where pieces that showcased elegance, intricacy, and sensuality highlighted his unique craftsmanship.

“Mosaic,”—the collection that became a culmination of textiles and pleasures that appealed to the artistic mind with its meticulous patterns and sexy silhouettes. Infusing his signature art deco creativity, Francis Libiran explored lines and structures that were translated into wearable art pieces themselves.

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“I am very much exhilarated and euphoric to have accomplished this show, seeing all of my hard work come to fruition. As the designs graced the runway with all the lights and stuff, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Truly, having no bias, this is one of the best shows I have ever enjoyed, and for that, I am honored and over the moon.”

Francis Libiran

Modern silhouettes collided with ancient Greek elements in this collection. Soft pleatings that fell gracefully to figure-hugging ensembles were decorated with embroideries that captured Francis Libiran’s artistry.

The designer added, “I really wanted to still convey my identity by incorporating the styles I am known for with my interpretation of art. On the other hand, of course, I also tried and experimented with a lot of things—colors, fabrics—to give much more edge to this collection.” Along with pieces that exuded the classic, romantic, and elegant brand DNA of Francis Libiran, pops of color like mustard and lavender, as well as unique cuts and patterns all graced the runway for his Los Angeles Fashion Week debut.

Images courtesy of NOEL TY

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