From Big Screen to Bags, DC Justice League Reminds Us to Be Heroic Bold in Every Adventure

From Big Screen to Bags, DC Justice League Reminds Us to Be Heroic Bold in Every Adventure


In the hunt for something new for 2023? Proud local fashion brand The Adventure just released their locally-made DC Justice League Collection that are just must-haves for this new year.

Here are the top 10 The Adventure must-buys that you and your loved ones will surely get heart eyes for.

Adventure DC Justice League Collection Wonder Woman Lunch Bag Umi

Priced at PHP 299

Every strength comes from a full, well-fed stomach. This Wonder Woman Lunch Bag gives space and safety to the meals or snacks for the little Wonder Woman in school.

Adventure DC Justice League Collection Wonder Woman Tote Bag Rio

Priced at PHP 499

Single-handedly carry important items in this Wonder Woman Tote Bag. Stitched with the Wonder Woman signature elements and designed with generous space allowance, this one goes for every busy yet fashionable hero.

Adventure DC Justice League Collection The Flash Backpack Dia

Priced at PHP 699

Swift organizing of your personal items is easy and fast in this The Flash Backpack. It’s designed with quite a few compartments rightfully fitting to your various work or school items, big or small—perfect for those always on the go.

Adventure DC Justice League Collection Superman Weekender Travel Bag Gwen

Priced at PHP 999

Reliable and strong is this Superman sports bag, made to carry your belongings safely. It is generous in space so you can put various items of various sizes as well. Good for sports adventurers, gym trackers, or even travelers.

Adventure DC Justice League Collection Batman Chibi Lunch Bag Yuki

Priced at PHP 299

Minds function best after tummies are filled with nutritious meals. Remain sharp as Batman with this Batman Lunch Bag that can carry the food for your baby batman wherever he or she goes.

Adventure DC Comics Collection Catwoman Leather Backpack Shin

Priced at PHP 749

Remaining stylish yet functional is this Catwoman Backpack. Zipping it in is a safe space for your personal items that you can carry in this fashionably sleek backpack. Both students and workers will surely enjoy this.

Adventure DC Comics Collection Harley Quinn Leather Backpack Shin

Priced at PHP 749

Ideal for every mischievous out there is this Harley Quinn Backpack. Let your backpack speak for your humor and cleverness while also being functional in carrying important items.

Adventure DC Comics The Joker v2 Tote Bag Villains A & Adventure DC Comics The Joker Tote Bag Villains A

Priced at PHP 299

Complimenting the mischievous partner are these Joker tote bags. Single-handedly carry your stuff without losing the coolness of your character.

Adventure DC Justice League Collection Chibi Batman Round Coinpurse Wallet Aini

Priced at PHP 149

No small things are of small roles. From your earphones that let you listen to your favorite music that shifts you to a good mood, keys that unlock your doors to welcome you to rest, and many more, make sure these small items are well-secured. The Superman Coin Purse can safely keep these wherever you go.

Local heroes

More than the fictional heroes on bag prints, The Adventure is also a brand hero on its own in being a patriot of the country. The Adventure composed the DC Justice League collection by sourcing and utilizing materials that are locally found in the Philippines. As part of its #SupportLocal efforts, The Adventure pushes forward for the growth of local industries in the Philippines on top of promoting their artistry and craftsmanship through this heroic collection.

Every one of us takes on daily journeys: traveling to school or work while overcoming heavy traffic, beating deadlines after piles and piles of task loads, finding the best deals on grocery shopping, and so on. These make you your own hero in your everyday adventure. Carry on with a reliable and strong bag, just as you are, with The Adventure DC Justice League collection.

#SupportLocal by grabbing your favorite The Adventure through their official digital stores on Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, AirAsia TravelMall, GrabMart, and TikTok Shop. Enjoy same-day delivery when ordering on their Facebook or Instagram. More of The Adventure on their official website.

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