From Docks to Deeps: A Naughtycal Night Celebration with V! Jewelry

From Docks to Deeps: A Naughtycal Night Celebration with V! Jewelry


Just in time for their second anniversary, V! Jewelry, in partnership with MEGAStyle, brought a fun and imaginative experience of a “naughtycal” night that highlights the brand as bold and vivacious in finding the perfect pearl jewelry

Known as the “Birth of Venus”, the goddess of love and beauty emerged from the sea and stood tall on a giant shell, as perfect as a pearl. Pearls and women have an unspoken connection to beauty, so it is no surprise that these gems are true wonders of nature with their beautiful luster and natural white and golden color. In the Philippines, the South Sea pearl is a national gem that embodies the country’s tradition and culture.  

Because South Sea pearls radiate a gorgeous glow that appears to emanate from within, to wear a V! piece is to dance with vitality and live freely and purposefully. V! Jewelry, in partnership with MEGAStyle, celebrated the life and laughter of playful styles and the pride of our seas at Polilya, Poblacion, last November 29 for their second anniversary. 

Ahoy! and Welcome Aboard

A perfect backdrop for the young sailors in search of the treasured pearl

In a naughtycal-themed event, the night took nautical to a youthful level of naughtiness. The coastally-transformed bar honors the sea with its beach backdrop painted in sky blue and living coral that speaks of V! Jewelry’s color story. The set also included elements such as the anchor, ropes, and oars—perfect for sailor-personified guests. Surrounded by plants, crates, and lantern lamps, the photo booth area with wicker rattan and pearl-shaped chairs created the perfect sea voyage picture of the night. 

In her best nautical fit, Content Creator Zoie Garcia showcases V!’s Swivel Hoops and Sunlight Pendant
Sofia Jahrling styles herself with V!’s Sunlight Earrings and Necklace, Celestial Rings, and BFF Bracelet

As the guests poured in with their nautical fits with a naughty twist, they went to the photo booth stage to take pictures. TikTok Content Creator Zoie Garcia creatively combined a loose white polo with a striped bikini to showcase her playful twist. At the same time, Caitlyn Stave favored a navy blue striped shirt with a cardigan draped over her shoulders for a preppy look. 

To complete the nautical theme, the South Sea sips on the menu also highlight the pearl. V! Jewelry and Polilya created specially curated V! drinks: Pink-tada! Maxima, a Mediterranean gin named after the oyster species that gives us the South Sea pearl; Spiced Pearl that is equal parts grit and glam; Cosmopolitan Sea-ñorita, a love letter to Palawan; and V!va la Margarita where margarita means pearl.

V! With the South Sea Pearl

Great music for a lively night made possible by DJ Tolo Marvelous

The night was fun and vibrant, like V! Jewelry. With the lively music from DJ Tolo Marvelous, the celebs had the time of their lives. And what’s their fit for without something to match it with? The V! Jewelry station next to the photo booth had their products on display and were available for anyone to try. The guests quickly crowded the area to show off V! Jewelry to their friends and on social media. 

At the station was the BFF Bracelets collection, which comes in three colors: sangria, midnight, and forest. This collection is a joyful expression of cherished friendships and memorable moments. And if you want pieces you can take along with you through life’s adventures, there’s always the Visionary Bracelets. The South Sea pearls in the cords are organic and inherently unique, a great addition to any occasion. 

It has been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but what about your ears? The _series represents the unconditional love we have for those around us. These simple adornments decorate the ears and exude elegance.

They also have rings to complement your bracelet and necklace. The Margarita Ring is an embellishment for the soul. It promises future adventures and accompanies you wherever you go.

When styling V! Jewelry pieces, Sofia Jahrling said, “I would pair it with any outfit because it’s very versatile. It’s a classic staple that can be paired with anything and still look chic and stylish.”

A Festive Night

Event Host Gianna Llanes welcomes everyone aboard for a fun-filled night

A party isn’t a party without some fun activities. Gianna Llanes, the event host, welcomed everyone to a night that showcases the V! South Sea pearl as the latest fashion trend and a must-have for every look. She shared what V! Jewelry is about as they bring the South Sea pearl to modern Filipinos. Vibrant, unique, and sustainable, V! captures Filipino-inspired creations in every new, undiscovered beauty and excitement-filled experience. V! also advocates for the flourishing livelihood of our farmers and their communities. With a great environment, our highly coveted pearls can thrive. 

Later on, Brand Associate Bianca Gallos also took the time to greet the personalities and share what MEGAStyle means to young people who are still discovering who they are. Celebrating our style is also enjoying our youth and life’s thrilling experiences. 

And so, when a game of treasure hunt ensued, everyone searched for the three precious South Sea pearls, but only one contained the prize ticket. As kids at heart, the exuberant guests would do anything just to get hold of the prize. People cheered, screamed, and even tried to do deals with the Polilya staff, who possibly knew where it was. 

Jeanette Ong, Kirsten Gonzales, and Caitlyn Stave with the pearls they found from the treasure hunt game

Eventually, Jeanette Ong, Kirsten Gonzales, and Caitlyn Stave dug up these treasures. In nervous anticipation, they were called to open their pearls in front of the crowd, and Kirsten was all smiles, grasping the winning ticket and receiving a special V! Jewelry prize. 

And to make the night even more exciting, they invited people to the dance floor. Caitlyn Stave, Sofia Jahrling, Michael Sager, EJ Nacion, and Blue Zoleta presented themselves to express their dance styles. Professional dancers or not, they showed their moves and had real fun. Caitlyn was the dancing queen winner for her hyped and energetic performance. After the games, the winner of the best nautical fit was announced, and it was none other than Zoie Garcia with her sultry sailor style and cap.

V! Jewelry’s pieces are a classic staple fit for any style

It was a bold, free-spirited, and sparkling anniversary celebration. V! Jewelry’s naughtycal night celebrates understanding who we are and want to be. Just as pearls form slowly over time to reach their most exquisitely beautiful state, our style discovery also takes time to showcase our true selves. Enjoy the process, and you’ll have your signature style.

Personalize your fit and make sure to drop by at your nearest V! Jewelry store to catch their ongoing promotions on V’s staples as special holiday bundles until the end of the year.

To get to know more about the beautiful jewelry pieces with South Sea pearls, follow V! Jewelry on Facebook and Instagram. You can find V! Jewelry at Rockwell, Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 4, TriNoma, SM North EDSA The Block, SM Megamall, and Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

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