From Limited Edition To Permanent Collection, What Makes This Scent So Special?

From Limited Edition To Permanent Collection, What Makes This Scent So Special?


Plucked from the fields of its special edition origins, Jo Malone London turns the seasonal favorite Poppy &Barley into a lifetime classic

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There is nothing more poetic than a visual narrative of a field of gold, revealing its depth with every sway of the wind. An eventual dance of yellowed grains spruced by vivid, vibrant poppies is evocative of a lingering warmth that is symbolic of the English countryside it traces its genesis to, which is concurrently elusive to the grasp of its more grim and gray city counterpart. This perhaps is the reason why at a singular whiff, you are immediately whisked away to this persisting and permanent memory by Jo Malone London, as it reintroduces Poppy & Barley, a runaway favorite from last year’s special edition spring collection, to its permanent roster of fragrances.

“When I smell Poppy & Barley I am taken to the heart of an English meadow during the harvest,” says Celine Roux, Head of Global Fragrance for Jo Malone London. “It’s the end of every summer when the fields are a sea of gold and I picture lively light poppies moving and dancing in the breeze.” A fascination that is no stranger to the perpetual summer in the Philippines, the scent is not only a welcome addition, but a presumable standout for fans of anything bright and fresh, but with a lash of an unexpected that intrigues. Much like its focal point of inspiration, Poppy & Barley is a most beautiful convergence of sturdy bran and barley, as well as that of a delicate bouquet of rose, violet, and red poppy. So quintessentially British, with its cocooning, cotton-soft, and contrasting qualities, that it was only a matter of time before the fragrance danced its way to memory, made even more alluring with hints of juicy blackcurrant and powdery white musk.

The beauty of Poppy & Barley lies at its core, as typically, poppies don’t have a specific scent, so creating one that is so evocative was a true testament to the brand’s commitment to fragrances. “I created an accord of green notes and red rose to express the colours and vivacity of the poppy fields. I liked how fragile poppies are, they can break so easily, and that’s why the contrast of barley works so well as it is something quite solid and secure,” explains Mathilde Bijaoui, master perfumer. “I added some fig and violet flowers to bring a rounded and edible facet to the scent, and used the bran absolute to emulate the nourishing and savoury warmth of barley. Celine told me she wanted a ‘cotton’ effect, so the white musk brings that sense of softness to the base.” In a sense, this organic coming together of nature’s bounty is what makes it even more special, where everything contributes significantly to the overarching searing sensibilities of Jo Malone London’s Poppy & Barley.

A seamless juxtaposition of floral notes, lashed with coquettish undertones and a draping of nostalgic romance, Poppy & Barley is a realization of remembrance and resurrection that is akin to the landscape it harks inspiration from. Unravelling at a drawling pace, the silage and settle lays on like a lasting effect, echoing the wind’s gentle whisper in the glinting expanse as if reminding you of this determined resolve to mingle with the unrelenting sway of Poppy & Barley into your own personal brand of forever.

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