From Runway to Real Life: Incorporating NYFW Spring/Summer 2024 Trends to Your Wardrobe

From Runway to Real Life: Incorporating NYFW Spring/Summer 2024 Trends to Your Wardrobe


As the Spring/Summer 2024 edition of NYFW draws to a close, let’s explore how you can seamlessly incorporate these runway sensations into your wardrobe, tailored to the tropical setting of our urban landscapes

The sun-kissed streets of Manila, the bustling markets of Cebu, the vibrant nightlife of Makati—all drenched in the golden glow of paradise, with a touch of trends spotted at this season’s New York Fashion Week. It’s high time to inject your wardrobe with a lively fusion of tropical vibrance, where lush greenery converges with the dynamic urban landscape, and where chic embraces the cityscape.

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Tropical prints: Artistry meets isle vibes

Where lush greenery and vibrant landscapes abound, tropical prints are a natural choice. Embrace abstract patterns in hues reminiscent of the azure seas and lush forests. Think palm leaves, exotic flowers, and playful animal motifs. Incorporate these prints into your wardrobe with flowing sundresses, vibrant sarongs, and lightweight scarves, or even tailored shirts, skirts, and even blazers.

Photo: CAROLINA HERERRA (via Instagram)
Photo: 3.1 PHILLIP LIM (via Instagram)

Transform your look into a tropical masterpiece that’s perfect for strolls on the beach or sipping coconut water under swaying palm trees, or even the vibrant street life of Manila or the bustling markets of Cebu. Tropical prints can be both playful and sophisticated, adding a pop of color to your urban adventures.

Effortless chic: The breeze of loose and relaxed fits

When the sun beats down, and the humidity rises, you’ll appreciate the ease and comfort of loose and relaxed silhouettes. Opt for flowing maxi dresses that catch the breeze or wide-leg linen pants paired with oversized blouses. These ensembles not only keep you cool but also naturally exude a relaxed, beachy vibe – intertwined with the urban jungle.

Photo: TORY BURCH (via Instagram)
Photo: PRABAL GURUNG (via Instagram)

Accessorize with straw hats and sandals for the perfect laid-back tropical look, ideal for exploring Filipino islands or enjoying a leisurely afternoon at a sidewalk cafe. Intramorous, anyone?

Sashay with style: Embracing drop waist Filipino fashion

Elevate your city wardrobe with the vintage-inspired drop waist, a style that’s equal parts elegant and practical for tropical climates. Look for drop waist dresses or jumpsuits in breathable fabrics like linen or cotton.

Photo: NATORI (via Instagram)
Photo: NYFW (via Instagram)

This detail allows for easy movement and comfort as you navigate the vibrant streets of the Philippines. Add a woven belt and classic espadrilles to complete your chic yet relaxed urban ensemble.

City lights, chainmail nights: Elevate your urban wardrobe

While the tropical sun can be intense, you can still add a touch of glamour with chainmail-inspired clothing and accessories. Opt for metallic-threaded tops, skirts, or accessories that can seamlessly transition from day to night.

Photo: MICAHEL KORS (via Instagram)
Photo: BRANDON MAXWELL (via Instagram)

This look is ideal for a night out in Makati or an evening of cultural exploration in Manila. Pair your chainmail pieces with classic urban attire to create an urban-chic ensemble that exudes confidence.

Layered sophistication: Playful and practical layering

Layering in a tropical setting? Absolutely! But keep it light and stylish. Use layering to add depth and texture to your outfits without sacrificing comfort. Think lightweight, sheer fabrics in complementary colors and patterns. Layer a sheer kimono over a simple tank top and culottes, or add a ruffled vest to a tailored blouse and trousers. This creative approach to layering allows you to adapt to varying indoor and outdoor temperatures, making it ideal for exploring the Philippines’ diverse urban landscapes.

Photo: ANNA SUI (via Instagram)
Photo: RACHEL COMEY (via Instagram)

The trends spotted at New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2024 offer a wealth of inspiration for those navigating the urban landscape. Embrace tropical prints, relaxed fits, drop waist elegance, chainmail glamour, and playful layering to create a versatile urban wardrobe that resonates with the vibrant energy of our cities, from Manila to Makati, Cebu to Davao. Transform your style into a collective of tropical elegance that harmonizes with the Philippines’ diverse and dynamic urban settings. With our flexible diversity, who says we can’t use these trends?

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