From Superhero To Super Dad: The Anatomy Of Fabio Ide

From Superhero To Super Dad: The Anatomy Of Fabio Ide


This is an excerpt of this month’s cover star, Fabio Ide. Read below how fatherhood changed the model-businessman’s life.

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At the end of the day, Ide says that everything he does is really for his family. When he was a child, he idolized his father, and wanted to do all that he could to make him proud. Today, as a father himself, he admits that he’s throwing all that energy towards his young daughter Danielle. “When I became a father, it was a big change in my life,” he says. “At the time, I really wasn’t ready. My thoughts were really focused on business. I was afraid.”

“How do I become a good father? I just wanted the best for Dani. My priorities changed. Every day, I had another extra reason to live. I just want to give her everything my parents gave me: a good education, good values, true love, and to just be there.”


While Ide and Danielle’s mom are not together, they are still friends, and working together to give the best they can to provide for their young daughter. “That’s what is important and what it’s all about,” he began. “Before [parenthood], I was like, ‘I want this new car, I want to buy this and that!’ But now I think about having money for [her schooling]. Everything changed, but it changed for the better. I became more mature and responsible. “I used to go out a lot, but now I want to keep my feet down and live long. I want her to grow up and say, ‘I have the best dad in the world.’ I love my daughter to death.”

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When Ide was 19 and walking on runways, it was probably hard for him to conceive that one day his life would be what it is in 2021. He’s a doting father to little Danielle, a successful performer, a well-regarded businessman, and now, the face of a rising beauty brand. This is enough for Fabio, whose attitude during the entire Zoom conversation was a man content with his life.

Full suit by VIN ORIAS, Chain necklace by WHAT DAPPERS WANT

But “enough” doesn’t necessarily mean it will be like this forever. Don’t forget, he also wants that beach-side resort, a bigger family, and relaxation time with his surfboard under the scorching sun. With his career trajectory and expanding business empire, I’m confident it’ll happen for him. He is blessed with a rare type of drive, and that is certainly “enough” to make sure he gets it all.

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