From Zero To Hero, Discover The Secret Behind The Return To Hair Glory Of These Eco-Conscious Influencers

From Zero To Hero, Discover The Secret Behind The Return To Hair Glory Of These Eco-Conscious Influencers


In the face of a planet wasting away, Herbal Essences aims to enact a real sort of change with the introduction bio:renew, its mostly naturally-derived answer to where the world stands in the future.

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“I know it isn’t for everyone to go to the extreme, and change our ways completely in a snap,” writes actress, champion of conscious and holistic living, and eco-warrior, Andi Eigenmann on her Instagram page at the end of a three-day escape and excursion to the forever breathtaking frontier of El Nido, Palawan. “It’s about meeting that balance. It’s about taking one step towards 0% life, about helping nature, helping us, and the generations to come, every way we can.”

Despite living at a time where the conditions of the world have quickly gone from thriving to troubling, which you would assume would set a fire under our asses, there seems to be no real sense of urgency and alarm. Sure, there are steps and strides taken, where buzzwords such as sustainability and eco-friendly have been affixed to almost every effort and endeavor across multiple industries, but it still hasn’t become a persisting point-of-view that human beings use to see the world. While everyone should be part of the conversation, actively doing measures to make the planet a better place to live not only for us but for the future generations; it isn’t an overnight shift that would see results in just a blink of an eye. What it stands to be is a gradual growth, involvement, and participation, hopefully building up to a fortified renewal of spirits and life.

With 45 years to its name as the first natural hair care brand, Herbal Essences hold the exact same sentiments in treating and taking care of the planet. Even with that distinction, the 90s staple brand takes their mission and vision a notch higher by marrying the beset of nature with the innovations of science. Through the introduction of Herbal Essences bio:renew, a shampoo and conditioner duo that features a  blend of signature natural ingredients that help revive dull, lifeless hair with diligent wash. Make no mistake about it, this is no mere riding the bandwagon, because in its inspired commitment to the environment, the bio:renew collection is vetted and authenticated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, which is the global leader on plant expertise and research, as well as proving to be the most biodiverse place on Earth.

A cutting-edge release, Herbal Essences bio:renew takes pride in its innovative core building block, the anti-oxidant Histidine, which functions similar to a superfood in the body, delivering purification and protection to the hair from the inside out by trapping, neutralizing, and  removing the build-up of free radicals that threaten the healthy state of your crowning glory. Even more interesting is that the release is 90% naturally derived, which basically means it is formulated to be safe and effective while adhering to the rigors of safety standard. The plant and mineral derived ingredients all undergo limited processing, which ensures a minimal dent on a carbon footprint.

Taking a mostly natural approach, the earnest goal of the brand is to take out all the nasties, ideally to a zero, and hero all that is good for your hair, bringing it back to life sans paraben, colorants, silicone, and gluten—just pure and real function. Coming in fragrances that echo the magic of the island life such as Argan Oil of Morocco, White Strawberry and Sweet Mint, Golden Moringa Oil, and Coconut Milk, Herbal Essences bio:renew echoes the unparalleled magic of an off-the-grid island getaway.

Already looking good on paper, it was time to put the products to the test, which was realized through a group of eco-conscious influencers and opinion leaders, who backed the written claim with actual results. With varying degrees of environmental involvement, personalities such as Coraleen Waddell, Lexi  Mendi, Kim Cruz, Vina Guerrero, Angel Dei, An and En Estrada, Sam Pinto, and Andi Eigenmann not only saw a coming back to life on their tresses (which went through so much in the days of island hopping, sea snorkelling, and tree planting), as evidenced by the scenic and serene hair spa session at the isolated Entalula Island in El Nido, the group of girls ultimately pledged a stronger, unbreakable allegiance to nature. Through this promise, there was a collective recalibration of lifestyle choices starting simply from their shampoo and conditioner to going extreme by swearing off meat and leather, and committing to a strictly eco-conscious way of life.

Despite it looking like a glamorous vacation through the looking glass, it was truly an immersive experience that honestly pulled the rug from underneath us in terms of how we navigate the world we live in today. Replacing understandable unawareness with knowledge and first-hand involvement, Herbal Essences hopes to effect a tangible change in the world through their efforts. It is more than just happy, healthy hair, but a commendable intent to bring back life to a world that continues to give us so much. We’ve heard it all before but it certainly holds the truest: We only have one planet we call home, and it’s high time we pay it the respect it deserves. There is no looking to a tomorrow if we continue to take from it just like that. The time to make that change from within starts now, and while the world will never be the same; we can at least turn things around and flip our hair for a future well worth living.

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