Awaken Your Wanderlust With Pandora’s Dream Away Collection

Awaken Your Wanderlust With Pandora’s Dream Away Collection


Travel in style this season with the Pandora High Summer 2019 collection. A mix and match of eclectic and multicultural symbols, colors, patterns, and shapes, the latest collection from the Danish jeweler expresses freedom and exploration in colorful, wild and dreamy ways, inspired by patterns and wonders from around the world.


It’s more than making a fashion statement. Each key symbol and color allows you to express yourself, and bring out the everyday adventurist and fashion nomad in you.

Sparkling Coffee Bean Shell charm

If picking shells at the beach is something you find amusing, you might like it more if you can wear it every day around your neck. With the smooth, rounded shape of the Sparkling Coffee Bean Shell charm, you can wear this popular beach trinket wherever you go.

Red and Blue Hot Air Balloon charms

For daring travelers who love to fly high and dream big, it’s obvious that the Hot Air Balloon charm would be a perfect choice. Pair it with a button-shaped Hot Air Balloon Trip that reminds you to always “live life in the clouds.”

Globe Dangle (lower right corner of the image)

Wear the Globe dangle for that global citizen in you that spins on its beaded sterling silver axis. It also has a small sterling silver heart as a new continent that shows how much you love to travel and experience new cultures.

Try a maximalist style and go bold by customizing your own bracelet or necklace that reflects your wanderlust and style prowess with Pandora’s new dangles and charms showcased in their High Summer 2019 Collection.

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