Furne One Unveils Immaculate Machinations at the Opulence Ball

Furne One Unveils Immaculate Machinations at the Opulence Ball


It’s a celestial world of icy elegance with Furne Amato’s collection at the Opulence Ball in this exclusive interview with MEGA

At this year’s Opulence Ball, Dubai-based Filipino designer Furne One Amato, the couturier extraordinaire and a distinguished MEGA Young Designers Competition (YDC) alumnus, unveiled a show that left the audience frozen in awe. This exclusive 20-piece collection, as pristine as freshly fallen snow and as cold as ice, perfectly aligned with the event’s theme, immersing attendees in a world of celestial splendor.

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Furne One collection at Opulence Ball

Celestial beings come to life

“Amato is renowned for its luxurious textures, and we employed numerous couture techniques such as intricate threadwork, acrylic laser cutting, beadwork, and crystals to create a three-dimensional effect in the garments.” The designer resonates with a deep reverence for the art he creates. “This is a segment of my recent collection called, Immaculate Machinations.” The ensembles pushed beyond the confines of both Filipino fashion and the idea of artistic expression through perception. The collection draws its first breath from celestial entities, those enigmatic beings whose essence mirrors the pristine canvas of white.

“My collection predominantly revolves around celestial bodies in white, hence the term ‘immaculate’, highlighting the various textures.” Each gown, designed to mimic these celestial beings, glistened like ice, in a display of pure creativity and frosty craftsmanship. The designer’s attention to detail and his ability to turn inspiration into wearable art were on full display.

Garments of armor

The silhouettes in the collection accentuated the wearers’ curves, giving them an aura of regal grace. Embroidered illustrations of birds adorned the gowns, their intricate details brought to life through carefully placed stones that created a mesmerizing outline, causing the pieces to shine like the brightest stars in the night sky.

Furne One collection at Opulence Ball

Amato’s artistry was evident in the variety of designs he presented. Some of the gowns were sheer and exuded a captivating sheen. Flowing and wavy details, unmatched in their superiority, added movement to the collection. 3D polka dots, a lively touch, made the tops of the gowns pop, giving them a unique charm.

The collection also featured intricate garments that could be seen as wearable armor. These pieces fused the concept of protection and style, making a bold statement about the strength of those who wear them.

“I’ve conveyed the ethereal qualities of celestial beings through styling,” Going beyond the garments, the realization of these otherworldly beings coming to life hinges on the meticulous attention paid to styling. It’s the bridge that breathes life into the envisioned artistry. “In this latest show, we’ve incorporated sculptural elements, seamlessly blending them with frozen hair and crystallized makeup.”

The models’ appearances wouldn’t achieve completeness without the contributions of the styling team. Ginno Alducente conveys the intended ambiance with his shimmery makeup artistry. Jojo Dantespadua adds the finishing flourish with the delicate application of translucent glitters and the adept use of icy hair techniques. They’ve made models look like ice sculptures that dare never to melt.

Furne One collection at Opulence Ball

The North Star of Filipino creativity

This designer’s show isn’t your run-of-the-mill runway event. Production plays a vital role, elevating the experience beyond just models strutting down a catwalk. It’s a complete theatrical performance, founded on delivering a comprehensive experience. “It’s a frigid, icy, and thunderous atmosphere,” Attending a Furne Amato show is like stepping into a live-action fashion film, and it feels almost like being right there in the heart of the action. In this case, it makes you feel like you’re inside an igloo.

The collection seemed like a creation from the North Pole of fashion craftsmanship. Each gown is carefully sculpted to mirror the grace of celestial beings. The intricate embroidery, like frost patterns on a windowpane, revealed the designer’s affinity for detail. While the Philippines is far from extreme cold weather, Amato’s collection managed to capture the essence of icy grandeur, holding it close as if it were their own.

Furne One Amato’s collection at the Opulence Ball effectively challenges our conventional understanding of seasonal attire. It went beyond our tropical world, taking the audience to a heavenly frost, and leaving an impression that speaks volumes about the Philippines’ fashion distinction.

How does the designer see this collection fit into the broader look of the Amato brand? “This collection holds deep significance for me.” He holds a deep affection for the pristine purity of white, finding solace in the serenity it conveys and the tranquility it exudes. To him, it’s an accurate representation of the collection’s essence, complemented by his signature mix of textures and a nuanced hint of spirituality. “Yes, indeed it is very Furne Amato.”


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