Furne One Comes Home To Mega for His 25th Year Anniversary. And Yes! He Dressed Your Favorite Stars!

Furne One Comes Home To Mega for His 25th Year Anniversary. And Yes! He Dressed Your Favorite Stars!


An icon of his own hardwork, passion and perseverance, Furne One has always been synonymous to iconic Filipino design, world-class couturier and luxury brand all rolled into one. But what makes Furne One a design icon is his combination of talent, risk-taking and humility. And in his 25 years in the industry, he flies back to the Philippines and partnered with MEGA, one of the main catalysts of his career, to celebrate more than two decades of Filipino design excellence.

THE BEGINNING. His formative years was all about the beauty of clothes. At the fresh age of 10, he watched his mother and grandmother wear the most beautiful dresses back in his hometown of Cebu. It was in that space where his imagination run wild and realized that he was meant to thrive in the world of fashion.

A TRUE WINNER. In 1994 he finally joined a design competition, MEGA’s Young Designer Competition, and won the top title. From then on his life changed.

KNOWLEDGE SEEKER. With a prize that allowed him to be mentored by none other than the great Josie Natori, he was able to learn more techniques and business ethics that made him not just a designer but also a business man. He furthered his studies in FIT New York and flew to Paris everytime he needed an inspiration.

A GREAT DISCOVERY. On a flight returning from a competition he won in Japan, he stopped by Dubai and felt a tug on his heart. “It was just a small town then, but Dubai had great potential” said Furne One. And just like that he fell in love with the city and built Amato Couture in the land of excess.

A TRUE FASHION ICON. His signature complex designs that results into dresses meant to be worn by goddesses gained him the approval of royalty and the richest women around the world. Even superstars were no match for his gorgeous creations as the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Jlo and many more have worn his pieces.

THE FUTURE. Beginning a new chapter in his career, Furne One comes home to the Philippines and MEGA to celebrate his 25th year anniversary with a bang! Dressing only the brightest stars of today for our June 2018 issue and culminates to another groundbreaking fashion gala on June 12, We are all excited to see what’s next with Furne One.

Photos courtesy of SignetRing and Pinterest

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