Furne One Stuns And Shocks With His 25th Year Anniversary Collection at the MEGA Millennial Ball

Furne One Stuns And Shocks With His 25th Year Anniversary Collection at the MEGA Millennial Ball


Befitting a man of his stature and legend, the 25th Year Anniversary Collection of Furne One at the MEGA Millennial Ball was not only a sight to behold—it was a memory seared into our souls.

In what can perhaps be described as uncharacteristic to a design reputation that precedes him, Furne One surprised a packed room at the MEGA Millennial Ball with a stunning and jaw-dropping collection that sums up his 25-year tenure in the industry thus far. Crafting an ethereal yet provocative 40-piece strong presentation, this collection for Amato Couture proves why he is and forever will be an icon and an inspiration.

With an ominous tone draping over the expansive stage set, everyone sat in focused attention awaiting the first turn at the runway. Cracks of light and smoke coalesced with the scene, making everyone expect a display of dark romance and the macabre. However, despite the haunting religious soundtrack underscoring, the first set of looks that came out were a slew of pastel numbers in various opulent textures. Visceral in a juxtaposition of sweet, sensual and shocking, it was Furne One unlike we’ve seen before—assured in a restraint that wasn’t any less ravishing. Plumage, sparkle and fringe were aplenty, never taking away but only highlighting the true star of the show—the female form.

As if things couldn’t get any more on the other of the spectrum, Furne One then sent out a section of immaculate whites that can very well be the vision of a fairytale come to life. Of course, religious-inspired and architectural decorated the sea of an absence of color, making it all the more searing to the senses.

And in a fitting display of panache, shocking flits of thunder and lightning signaled the punctuation of the show—a final walk featuring Vice Ganda. Clad in a short detailed number cloaked by an intricate cape that took a life of its own when the wind picked it up in a swift swish and sway from the phenomenal personality, host and actor.

Aptly called “Thy Will Be Done,” this couldn’t have been a more distinct visual study of the Furne One aesthetic, scope and signature. Beautiful but with a whole lot of brevity, it was truly an iconic show befitting a legend bar none.

Runway photos by Bria Cardenas
Lookbook photos by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100

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