Fuschia Anne Ravena is Miss International Queen 2022

Fuschia Anne Ravena is Miss International Queen 2022


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The 27-year-old Cebuana proves that she can give pride to the country and the LGBTQIA+ community.

When June strikes the calendar, we celebrate two important things in the Philippines—our Independence Day and Pride Month.

To be truly free and independent may come in various ways and forms, but being honest to yourself is priceless. Whether it be your feelings, thoughts, or identity, the key to true happiness is being loudly and proudly real.

The Pride of Being Herself

Last June 25, that was exactly what beauty queen Fuschia Anne Ravena did—she showed her authentic self and won the crown in the Miss International Queen 2022.

In the competition held in Pattaya, Thailand, she bested the 22 contestants from all over the world. Jasmine Jimenez from Colombia and Aëla Chanel from France placed second and third respectively.

In the question-and-answer portion last Saturday, she was asked, “What is the main purpose of being a transgender queen for the society and why?”

Her answer? “To be a transgender queen is to inspire other people and to do good things to everyone because I always think that the most beautiful asset of being a human and a transwoman is not just a head full of knowledge. It should be the heart that is full of love and respect, an ear that is ready to listen, and a hand that is willing to help other people.”

The Pride of Conquering Hardships

In her introductory video for the competition, Ravena shared her journey as a transwoman. Despite the challenges of transitioning due to her lack of resources such as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and technology. What made the journey all worth it for Fuschia was the support of her loved ones. “The acceptance in my own home is the best gift,” she said in her video. “To have the people you love the most not only accept and respect your choices in life but also (have their) support in every step of the way; they truly helped me to be the best version of myself.”

She also acknowledged the continuous battle of the community for acceptance. “The trans community still has so much to go in the fight for equality, and to be given this moment to speak up, I really want to maximize this opportunity and make a difference as much as I can.”

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