Meet G3 San Diego, MEGA Ent’s First Editor

Meet G3 San Diego, MEGA Ent’s First Editor


Elevating journalism in the world of entertainment, G3 San Diego leads the charge into creating a new destination for credible celebrity insiders.

Further diversifying our brands onto one umbrella under MEGA, we’ve recently introduced a brand new title—MEGA Ent, which seeks to elevate entertainment and reveal exclusive celebrity stories. MEGA Ent is entertainment done the MEGA way—with style, integrity, and intelligence.

From unforeseen relationship confessions, “home invasions,” personal milestones, to—of course—letting them speak their truth, we shall be the gatekeepers of all the information everyone should know, without any hint of bias and debunking gossip. To attain this great feat, it’s just right that we invite someone who has the same standards of ethics and passion in pursuit of the truth as ours.

While there are a lot of great entertainment journalists in the industry, there are a few who stand out, and among them, G3 San Diego shines very bright. According to MEGA’s Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro, “The MEGA Ent editor must have a love affair with show business, can pick a subject that is not only relevant but is meaningful, and can weave it all in a narrative that is compelling and has a takeaway for the audience.”

G3 San Diego MEGA Ent

As she’s armed with a total of 17 years of experience being in the industry, G3 has earned the friendship and esteem of countless celebrities. Not only was she a showbiz writer; she was also the brains behind some of the iconic teleseryes and films we’ve watched, such as MagkaribalBridges of Love, and Love Me Tomorrow, to name a few.

But her tipping point in the field of entertainment journalism was when she really had her very own show titled, “#LiveWithG3.” This made it possible for her to transition from the quintessential format of narrative writing to the journalistic way of writing showbusiness. Apart from that, it was also in the same year she launched her show when she became part of the prestigious roster of columnists for covering the entertainment section.

And because of these feats, G3 became “very good at storytelling. She is very informed about history, current events, and people,” One Mega Group’s VP for Content and Creatives Suki Salvador explains. “She also has the gift of charm, which is why celebrities have a comfort level with her. G3 is brilliant at what she does because there is thought and analysis to every word she says as well as very exacting, and that makes her the ideal person to be the editor of MEGA Ent.”

Coming Full Circle

G3 San Diego has always had a passion for writing ever since she was in high school. In fact, she was already contributing to magazines while she was still in college. “I initially started out in magazines then went into the advertising world. I was a copywriter for about three years until I was invited to a brainstorming session in ABS-CBN,” our newly-appointed editor recalls. Following that opportunity, she worked in television for 13 years, until she finally shifted to film just about four years ago.

“I felt flattered that MEGA asked me to be the editor because it is the only remaining Filipino fashion magazine available in print. I mean, I now get all my news and information online but nothing beats the romance of flipping the pages of a glossy,” G3 explains. “I also felt it would be a very symbiotic relationship between myself and MEGA, with both our objective being to provide quality content that is relevant, credible, and entertaining in both new and traditional media platforms.”

So, saying yes to being MEGA Ent’s editor was definitely a no brainer for G3 since it was very much in line with what she’s currently doing now as an entertainment journalist. “I felt it was kind of nostalgic to write traditional media in a time when everything is migrating to digital,” she says. “So now I find myself in a full circle moment writing for a magazine again.”

All things considered, the moment MEGA has entered the new phase, it was only time that we unveil a whole new chapter alongside new brilliant minds who can surely pave way for a whole new world of showbiz journalism, thriving in the midst of the new normal. After all, as G3 professes, “I respect the intention of keeping print alive.”


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