Gabs Gibbs Is The Face Of Millennial Beauty

Gabs Gibbs Is The Face Of Millennial Beauty


Gabbs Gibbs is a girl of many talents, one of them being expertly applying makeup in a moving car. “Sorry I’m a little late!” she exclaims, but makes up for it by already beginning with the base of her makeup on the way to the shoot. From her smooth foundation and contour to her signature thick brows and falsies, one can see that this is something she has done many times in the past.

Although initially gaining attention from her famous last name, Gibbs and her older sister Chi rose to digital influencer status with The Gibbs Guide, their interpretation of all things beauty and fashion. From then on, we have seen the younger Gibbs sister flaunt her passion for beauty, from her special effects makeup to interpreting the hottest runway trends. Sweet-natured and easy to work with, she is also collaborative, as seen when she was sharing with us her pre-styled outfits and helping out the makeup artist.

Gibbs’ interest in beauty began pretty early: “I grew up in a family or actors, directors and singers so naturally, what was going behind the scenes interested me. I used to watch my parents get ready for scenes using makeup and special effects and that’s what really got me.”

To her, makeup is a form of self-expression. And while she is known for her mastery of practically every type of makeup technique, she shares that she always goes back to a sun-kissed glow for her everyday look. “My ultimate weapon for my everyday look is a good moisturizer and highlighter,” Gibbs starts, “My favorites are definitely the ORIGINS Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer and NARS Highlighter in Jubilation.” By the time the weekend rolls around and an event or party look is called for, she sticks to a classic: long lashes and winged liner. “I always pop on a pair of lashes and winged eyeliner! I get my lashes from @faboulash on Instagram.”

With an Instagram feed as colorful as hers, it may seem that makeup is her only focus. Like any true beauty girl, however, Gibbs knows that a keen knowledge of skincare is essential. “I have dry skin, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that any product that is moisturizing or has a lot of emollients will work for me. Recently, I’ve been loving LA MER Moisturizing Cream.” Exfoliating is also something she does almost everyday—around four times a week to be more specific. Her choice of exfoliator? ST IVES Oil Scrub in Coconut. “Exfoliating is one beauty secret I want to share to all women,” she shares.

Gibbs has big dreams for herself as a makeup artist, one of them being working with her personal beauty idols: “My ultimate goal as a makeup artist is to assist Lisa Eldridge, my idol since high school. She really inspired me to take makeup seriously and develop my own style.” With her huge following and growing expertise in the field, however, it seems that she has already come far for someone her age. When asked about what she would want to share to every girl when it comes to beauty, she shares that she wants them to know that true beauty really comes from within. She emphasizes, “Just like my queen Rupaul says, ‘If you can’t love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’ Confidence from within is a must.”

Yet while she knows all this, Gibbs is still very much a girl herself, as seen when she was explaining her typical day. After waking up, she cleanses her face and fixes her schedule for the day, whether its meetings or filming beauty tutorials. “I also try to squeeze a workout in, and at some point in the day I usually check my Sims family if they’re still alive. Before bed, I never forget to do my skincare and check my emails before cuddling with my cat Coco,” she tells us with a smile.

This girl surely has a bright future ahead.

By Marella Ricketts

Photography Erwin Canlas

Art Direction Tanya Mallillin

Makeup Aica Latay

Hair Diana May

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