Gels, Dews, Inks or Powders? Shiseido Makeup’s 2018 Collection Has It All

Gels, Dews, Inks or Powders? Shiseido Makeup’s 2018 Collection Has It All


2018 is proving to be a big year for beauty. One brand in particular that has recently left us breathless with their innovative creations is Shiseido Makeup, which has officially relaunched this year. The brand pointed out that in addition to the extraordinary colors and performance, they wanted their unique, sensorial textures–which range from gels, dews, inks and powders–to be the focal point of their range.

“It was very important that we link the skincare–which is our heritage and pride–to Shiseido Makeup. That said, we are not simply a color brand with skincare claims,” says Gail Boye, the brand’s Senior Vice President of Global Product Development.

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Since we’re sure you can’t wait any longer, here is a sneak peek of the range:

1. Dews

Described as the brand’s new category that recreates and transforms light on the surface of the skin, this texture is perfect for anyone who wants a next-level highlighter. The Aura Dew for the Face, Eyes, Lip makes use of Enhanced Light Refractive Technology eliminates chalkiness, allowing the product to blend seamlessly into your skin.

2. Gels

Want a lightweight product with high intensity? Shiseido’s Gels are perfect for you, with products such as the Visionairy Gel Lipsticks that provide a high-impact finish with a featherweight feel by using their state-of-the-art Triple Gel Technology. Another favorite is the Crystal GelGloss, which boosts color vibrancy and creates the illusion of fuller lips.

3. Inks

Redefining the ancient art form of Japanese calligraphy, Shiseido’s Ink products such as the Kajal InkArtist, Brow InkTrio and ImperialLash Mascara Ink allow for graphic precision and extreme intensity.

4. Powders

Last but definitely not the least, their Powders are reinvented, made to be more breathable, buildable and blendable than ever. Using their Cream Powder Matrix Technology, products such as their Essentialist Eye Palette, ModernMatte Powder Lipstick and Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush are incredibly easy to apply.

Shiseido Makeup’s 2018 range stays true to their claims. Just one swipe is enough to make you feel each product’s textures, making you fall in love with them in the process.

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