Get A Tighter, Younger Face With These Celebrity Favorites From Belo

Get A Tighter, Younger Face With These Celebrity Favorites From Belo


Every year, the Belo Medical Group holds their Belo Beauty Suite just in time for the ABS-CBN Ball. Guests were able to try the stars’ most favored treatments—from IV drips to facials that subtly tighten the face. If you have a big event coming up, you should definitely consider these two quick and easy treatments to get you glowing all night long.

Skin Reboot

Are you starting to experience sagging around the face? This celebrity go-to treatment gives you a natural glow while quickly firming the skin. Having tried the treatment myself, I can say that all its claims are true. During my session, all I felt was slight heat on my face, as it uses radio frequency and micro-current technology. This was combined with dual energy, vitamin- and stem cell-enriched creams to help reach the skin cells. I was surprised with how quick the treatment was overall—around 30 minutes or less and you’re good to go! The first thing I noticed was that I looked tighter around the edges, especially in my jaw area. My skin definitely looked a lot fresher, too.


Because the Skin Reboot was over earlier than I expected, it was suggested that I try Belo’s Cyroslush. This cool facial procedure uses an ice mist that calms the skin and reduces oiliness. In addition to this, it also targets pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. This makes the Cyroslush the perfect addition to laser treatments to help minimize downtime.

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