Get the Cleanest Face With This Brand New Device

Get the Cleanest Face With This Brand New Device


As a beauty editor, my bathroom sink is permanently cluttered with products. So. Many. Products. No, this isn’t a humble brag. It’s my work to test out products, research on their ingredients, interview the people behind them. And while it’s fun to try on the latest serums, slap on creams with luxury price tags, at the end of the day, it’s still work. And like with all types of work, it can be stressful and can wear out one’s skin. During Beauty Awards season, it’s common to see me looking completely radiant one week and then red and covered with bumps the next. This is where a cleansing routine, one that is thorough and yet gentle is necessary. When my skin starts feeling bogged down by all the stuff I subject it too, I reset it with a few tried and test products and procedures. One of these, is a facial cleansing tool; not just any ol’ brush, but the Foreo Luna.

Foreo Luna 3

I’ve been using the Luna 2 since it was introduced to the Philippine market a few years back. When my skin is feeling dull and looking clogged up, I whip it out and, along with a gentle cleanser, use it to cleanse my skin thoroughly yet gently. Gentle is the key word here, which is why I was quite excited to try out Foreo’s latest baby: the Luna 3. This features even softer silicone touchpoints and T-Sonic Technology, a pleasant pulsation that effectively lifts out dirt, oil, and other gunk from my sensitive, 30-something-year-old pores. Like all the other Foreo devices, it can be connected to the free Foreo mobile app, which guides you on your skin cleansing routine. Yes, you read that right. A guide. To clean your face. Is that necessary you ask? You may be surprised. I know that I often don’t spend enough time cleaning my skin or I spend too much time scrubbing away at my T-zone and just sliding over the other sections. I’m also a busy, first-time mom and did I mention that I have to test many, many products? With the Foreo Luna 3, it takes about 60 seconds. The app guides you to different facial parts, some of them you might not be cleansing as well as the others (like one’s chin perhaps). I currently have have the Normal Skin variant of the Luna 3, and it’s leaving even my sensitive skin feeling fresh and clean with the tight feeling. Flip over the device and you have ridges that can be used for facial massages to get the blood circulating around the eye area, cheeks, jawline, and neck.

Forea Luna 3, the newest of the Foreo Luna series

At P11,800, it’s quite the investment, but there’s something about a well-made, well-thought out device that makes doing the most basic but essential things a joy. Yes, you’re not only cleaning your face very, very well but you’re also enjoying the ergonomic design, ultra soft, hygienic silicone bristles the fun, candy colors, and the intuitive, seamless app connection. Amid the clutter of my bathroom shelf, the Foreo 3 takes up essential space.

The Foreo Luna 3 (P11,800) is available in and

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