Get In The Mood For Serious Italian Flavor With These Craving-Worthy Pasta Dishes

Get In The Mood For Serious Italian Flavor With These Craving-Worthy Pasta Dishes


If you think your typical pasta needs a little fix, here are some of the best pasta places in Manila you should go to appease your serious pasta cravings.

How can you not indulge in good pasta dishes on any given day?

More than the fact that our body needs it, carbohydrates are a staple for Filipinos whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In times when we’re not in the mood to eat rice, but can hardly skip carbs, clear the case because we’re grabbing a plate of pasta. Rounding up these joints that prove pasta as their specialty, we learned how these pasta places lets you enjoy your food with a big group, too—just like any well-meaning Italian would.

As the holiday fast-approaches, what more can be a perfect feast for a Christmas parties than pasta, and more pasta. Let us take you on a pasta adventure with this guide on the places you can twist and twirl a hefty serving of noodles.

Flossom Kitchen Cafe

The Instagram-worthy Flossom Cafe + Kitchen is drenched in delicious pastel interiors for you to enjoy your choice of flavorful pasta even more. You must try the Honey Chorizo Pasta if you love your pasta sweet. If you prefer your pasta with generous amount of meat in it, Flossom upgraded our favorite breakfast viand into Tapa Aglio Olio, which is also a must try.

La Spezia

If you simply can’t decide on which type of pasta dish to devour, La Spezia serves a diverse choice of Italian pasta dishes. Their best-seller is the Aglio Pesca, which is tossed with different seafood ingredients. You should also try their Anchovy Pasta to bring your palate to the taste of real Italian goodness.

Miguel & Maria

When you want to enjoy both the warm dining experience and delectable cuisine, you’re in for a treat at Miguel & Maria. With only two branches, these are your best escapes when you need to comfort yourself with their generous serving of Mac & Cheese and Beef Lasagna. There’s no such thing as too much cheese, and Miguel & Maria knows it best.

Made Nice

Here’s where everything was made nice. From delicately done, fresh handmade pasta to carefully cooked creamy sauce and fillings, Made Nice will give you the perfect ambiance that complements your pasta dish. You should try Sweet Corn Agnolotti made with sweet corn, parmesan emulsion, and truffle oil.

Vanderlust Bistro + Patisserie

Vanderlust has got our favorite truffle and pesto pasta, but with a delightful twist. While their Cacio e Pepe Mushroom Truffle Pasta has a good blend of two fungi—truffle and mushroom, the Pesto Bianco is a lighter version of pesto with sun-dried toppings, oozing in mouthwatering flavor.

Trufa Pasta Bar

Trufa lets you create your pasta just the way you want it. If you want it creamy or a little dry, they can adjust the flavors according to your taste. You can also watch out for their vegetarian month where they serve guilt-free, vegan pasta. Indulgent and mindful? Sign us up—stat.

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