Get Into The Groove Of The Holidays With These Must-Listen Christmas Divas

Get Into The Groove Of The Holidays With These Must-Listen Christmas Divas


Not feeling the holiday spirit yet? Fire up your Yuletide playlist with these delectable pop takes on classics from your favorite Christmas divas.

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Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone has had their fair share of experiencing Christmas blues, especially with us adults. As we try our best to fight it, from decorating our own spaces with festive ornaments, going to numerous parties, and to the simple act of generosity and giving gifts, it still latches on in a lingering persistence.

But sometimes, frankly speaking, we only need one thing to brighten up our holiday mood: music. The act of listening unquestionably affects our emotions, and that’s primarily due to music’s rhythm and tone that shifts what we’re feeling. So, as the birth of Christ is literally one night to go, it’s high time for you to brighten your Christmas mood. While you wrap your gifts last minute or prepare your Noche Buena spread, here are seven artists to guide you to the most wonderful time of the year.

Mariah Carey

If there’s really a diva that will always be part of our Christmas playlist generations after generations, it will undoubtedly be Mariah Carey. Everywhere you go, you’ll hear her hit song, All I want for Christmas Is You. With its mistakable intro, people would immediately sing-along to it, even 25 years later. Celebrating an enduring milestone, Mariah Carey recorded a new version of the music video, the Make My Wish Edition. Now, that’s definitely a mood booster.

Ariana Grande

Who doesn’t love Ariana Grande? With her countless chart-topping songs, it would be peculiar for anybody not to know her by this time. With her successful run in the business of music, she also has a Christmas album that is now making the rounds of many get-togethers and celebrations, especially with her own renditions of Santa Baby and Santa Tell Me.

Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child should always be part of everyone’s playlist for Christmas, of course. Especially that their 8 Days of Christmas album is the band’s only Christmas album and their fourth and penultimate studio album. So, get ready for some great and smooth flashbacks whilst listening and dancing to the all-time R&B divas.

Taylor Swift

Love or hate her, Taylor Swift is definitely one of the successful artists that embodied the contradictions of the previous years when it came to music. Hence, it was only fitting that she was named as the artist of the decade. And coinciding herewith is her raw talent in songwriting. In fact, recently, she released another Christmas single titled, Christmas Tree Farm, that instantly blew up on the internet.

 Christina Aguilera

What else could be a better idea to heighten the Christmas spirit than with Christina Aguilera? Take a seat beside a window and warm up with a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows while Christina Aguilera’s timeless Christmas medleys O Holy Night and Silent Night (Noche De Paz) play on the background.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen revives this Wham! Christmas classic, breathing new life to an all-time favorite with her signature 80s flavor. It’s perfect actually—Carly Rae’s raw honesty resonates with the song’s fragile point-of-view, and the old school synths and saxophone swings add extra oomph.

Britney Spears

Didn’t think that Britney Spears, would have a contribution to the rich, pop-anointed soundtrack of Christmas? Well, if you listen closely enough in the malls and at the grocery, her one-time foray into holiday music is on heavy rotation during its extended store hours. My Only Wish (This Year), which is easily confused with Santa Can You Hear Me, is a fun mid-tempo ditty that makes you bop your head while navigating the throng of crowds and snaking lines at the cashier. Oh, and did you know it is a love song, too? Certainly getting her to wish this year, the pop princess has more reason to sing this underneath her Christmas tree.

Additional text by Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, RJ Roque, and Alinea Hernandez.

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