How To Start Dessing in Vintage Style Like Anji Salvacion

How To Start Dessing in Vintage Style Like Anji Salvacion


Ever thought about trying out the styles from the past? Fret not because Anji Salvacion can easily teach you how you can pull it off like her

We’re in the era of taking inspiration from decades ago, and it’s very obvious with the amount of micro trends we have now. While the look of vintage style isn’t exactly original, you can still differentiate which trend is which because we tend to add a modern twist to make it stand out. It can be tricky to incorporate all the styles from the past in one casual ensemble, but that’s why we’re taking tips from Anji Salvacion, the girl who has been wearing different styles from different eras. 

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Know the vibe

Each decade has a distinct charm to them, and it’s important that you get that to the tee. Much like this ensemble on Anji, the dress has that hourglass silhouette and delicate finish to it, while the neckline exudes that Old Hollywood glamour allure. As for the finishing touches, her pinned up hair and gold earrings were added for a classy touch. 

anji salvacion

Check the prints

In every style, there’s always certain prints and patterns that become a staple for almost everyone. If you’re looking at the 60s, the favorites back then were florals, stripes, and plaid, and that’s why the actress’ outfit gives off a period-like aura. To further elevate it, she topped it off with a newsboy cap for a British feel. 

anji style tips

All in the form

Back in the 70s, one of the go-to combinations they would go for is the fit-and-flared, and you’d have to do it with a pair of bell bottom jeans. But since we’re making it safe for everyday casuals, you can opt to wear straight-cut jeans or flared jeans—both of which are trendy nowadays. As for the top, you can either go for a simple white tee or a printed one for a playful vibe. 

anji salvacion

Try other looks

One thing you can consider is to check out other styles that were also trending in that era. During the 90s, you were either in the preppy chic or the underground hip hop culture, and the latter is what Anji decided to go for, as seen on her jersey T-shirt and loose jeans. Going for other fads will show off your knowledge of the styles they had back then, it’s a major plus point for versatility. 

90s style

Laid-back is always an option

On top of it all, styling your outfits with comfort should always be a priority. This particular look may seem ordinary, but any fashion girlie out there knows that it’s a subtle nod to the early 2000s. The sporty sweater vest, mini skirt, and slides used to be the it-girl lazy ensemble, which you can definitely recreate today.

style tips

Photos: ANJI SALVACION (via Instagram)

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