Get Married Today in John Herrera’s Bridal Wear

Get Married Today in John Herrera’s Bridal Wear


All of us have our own versions of our dream wedding which we planned since we were kids. From the flowers, maid of honor, and up to the most important decision—our wedding dress.

We know that the dilemma of choosing your wedding dress can be stressful, so thank the design heavens, because MEGA’s Young Designer’s Competition All-Stars 2013 Winner John Herrera can make your dream wedding gown in just 30 days.

With the wedding season just around the corner, Herrera understands that no bride should worry if her dress will make it or not.

Herrera says that they want to “end the idea of surprise where you wait for your gown and it will be finished at the last minute. A lot of brides cannot afford drama anymore, and worry if your dress is gonna look nice.”

With several international experiences,  most recently bagging international design competition Britain’s Top Designer in 2017, Herrera made 10 new pieces of off-the-rack bridal wear this season.

The internationally acclaimed designer also shared that his vision revolves around the concept of faux nudity, hand beading and embroidery.

Herrera shares that he liked the concept of faux nudity because when layers of fake skin and tone fabrics are put together, it will achieve a three-dimensional effect on lace.

As for hand beading and embroidery, which Herrera was averse to before, he now uses these techniques in his creations featuring the baroque and rococo patterns that he was exposed during his stint in Europe.

Herrera says, “I was trained traditionally in flat pattern making in fashion school. When I was starting to design, I was lucky to be part of ‘The Young Designers Guild’ where our culture is more of into the future than in the past, so I was trained to adjust my eye to a more modern way of dress.”

The 10 piece off-the-rack bridal wear is now available for pre-orders. All dresses are ready for fitting in John Herrera’s new flagship store at the 2nd floor, Eastwing of the Shang-ri La Plaza Mall.

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