Get Ready For the 2023 Asian Artist Awards This December

Get Ready For the 2023 Asian Artist Awards This December


Find out why you need to ready yourself for the 2023 Asian Artist Awards and how you can start preparing for it

Without a doubt, December will be a crazy month since the biggest K-Pop artists and Korean actors are flying in for the 2023 Asian Artist Awards. An event as big as this entails a jam-packed schedule, and we can only assume that these artists have something up their sleeves to keep us on our toes. No official announcements have been made regarding program schedules, but there’s nothing wrong with a little preparation before the event arrives. Just to keep things exciting, here are a few things you need to remember before the awards show on December 14. 

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Huh Yunjin 2023 Asian Artist Awards
Photo: HUH YUNJIN (via Instagram)

The tourist surge

It’s best to anticipate the flood of tourists coming to the Philippines since we’re seeing these artists and actors in one go. If you’re not based in Manila, you might want to book a place to stay ahead of time so you won’t have to worry about fully booked accommodations a few days before the event. Whether it may be an Airbnb or a hotel, look for a place that can give you easy access to Philippine Arena. You might even score good deals if you try booking as early as now! 

ITZY Asian Artist Awards
Photo: ITZY (via Instagram)

The peak of merch selling

K-Pop idols like StrayKidz, BSS, NewJeans, and Le Sserafim will be coming in, while Kang Daniel, Ahn Hyo Seop, and Moon Ga Young are some of the actors included in the lineup. Since the event has quite the roster, best believe that we’ll be seeing a surge of merchandise selling at its highest level. Be sure to be mindful of this to avoid possible impulse buys. One way to not overspend is to actually consider purchasing some merch sooner rather than later since prices will definitely spike when the event arrives.

NewJeans Asian Artist Awards
Photo: NEWJEANS (via Instagram)

Activities outside the AAA

As mentioned, these artists and actors might visit the country with more than just the AAA in their itinerary, and we’re taking a bold guess that some have other activities lined up, from fun meets, pop-ups, to show appearances. Whatever it may be, it’s time to turn on your notifications so you can get a good chance of seeing them up close.

Ahn Hyo Seop
Photo: AHN HYO SEOP (via Instagram)

Featured Image: HOSHI (via Instagram)

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