Get that Bare Face Glow with Clinique’s New Lotion

Get that Bare Face Glow with Clinique’s New Lotion


The latest addition to the Moisture Surge line will be your new best friend in this hot and humid weather.

With the resurgence of lip glosses, cream products, and feathered brows, the dewy and no-makeup-makeup looks are making a comeback. The love affair for mattes is taking a backseat this summer to make way for a more natural look. Imagine yourself as the sunlight hits your strategically highlighted face—talk about glowing!

Experimenting with makeup trends, be it through looks or products, is always exciting. Every now and then, we see new releases from brands and we can’t wait to try the newest multi-pot paint or full coverage concealer. But the truth is, we sometimes take the canvas of our looks for granted—our skin.

If our bodies need a vacation, then our faces definitely should have one as well. We should let our skin breathe and relax from pollution and stress brought not only by the environment but also the everyday products we use.

Clinique’s newest Hydro-Infused Lotion will hydrate, soothe, and calm your skin. Whether you’re out and about in the office or at the beach; or indoors using your gadgets, this product will be the new staple to your skincare routine.

This lotion is packed with ingredients to target common concerns we have with our skin. The aloe vera bio-ferment and hyaluronic acid boost our natural water-binding collagen for elasticity as well as improving our skin’s condition to retain water.

Meanwhile, acetyl glucosamine helps in smoothing and refining texture, as well as triggering natural cell renewal to keep the face smooth and clear.

Complete your healthy skin regimen with the Hydro-Infused Lotion for a healthier, brighter skin.

The Hydro-Infused Lotion is retails for PHP 2,500.

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