Get That Korean, Glass-Skin Look With These Local Beauty Brands

Get That Korean, Glass-Skin Look With These Local Beauty Brands


A beauty trend that everyone wants in on, the Korean glass-skin look is something we would love to wear either on relaxed weekdays or casual weekends, but the question is, how do we achieve that? Well, it looks like these local beauty brands have us covered.

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The famed Korean wave has fully taken over many platforms, and we are talking beyond music and entertainment. Transporting us to a world of whimsy and cutting-edge innovation, their ingenious way of thinking is even more pronounced when it comes to beauty, specifically their makeup lines.

Fitting itself into many different moods where a certain vibe corresponds to a particular beauty look, sporting any kind of look taken from their beauty book has gotten a lot easier and accessible as local beauty brands provide us with collections according to how we want to look.

If you want to wear light colors to create the subtle glowing look yourself, the K-beauty trend is the way to go. And when you are at a loss on where to start or go, here are the local beauty brands to help you achieve the Korean look:

Vice Cosmetics x BT21

Here’s what we never thought would happen, but now, we just need to have it. Best-selling Vice Cosmetics collaborates with BT21 for its new Korean beauty collection. The limited edition collection features exclusive shades in high quality and high-pigmented products.

blk Cosmetics K-Beauty

A previous launch very close to the heart of its co-founder and creative director, Anne Curtis, blk Cosmetics has an entire line that can help you achieve the K-beauty look. From coral eyeshadows to light pink lipsticks, blk Cosmetics played well with pastel colors, which you can easily incorporate into your kit.

Generation Happy Skin Kathryn Collection

For those who are on-the-go, Happy Skin x Kathryn has compact makeup products to get you that Korean look wherever or whenever you may be. Try on any of their flattering eyeshadow sticks and their On-The-Go Blush in the shade of Pinched. Their lip tints will let you create gradient lips, too.

Colourette Cosmetics Colourchic

Applying matching tones on your face is the technique to the K-Beauty look. Turn to shades Kelsey or Milky to give your eyes, cheeks, and lips a little hint of color. Since it’s all about how you blush, try their Colourchic collection with micro shimmer pigments for a natural glow.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

Ellana won’t just give that K-beauty look, it also nourishes your skin with their mineral formulations. While Koreans are known for having glass skin, your skin will instantly resemble a glass with Ellana’s Facial Spray. After trying on their light-colored palettes, apply Glass Skin Glow Cooling Facial Spray on top.

Ever Bilena Advance

As seen on Koreans, glossy lips is their way to enhancing the structure of the lips. Try coating your already tinted lips with EB Advance Vinyl Lip Gloss and get that flattering shimmer.

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