Get These Ready To Heat Hearty Frozen Meals Delivered To You Wherever You Are In The Metro

Get These Ready To Heat Hearty Frozen Meals Delivered To You Wherever You Are In The Metro


Have your everyday meals like a feast and get delivered right to your doorstep with Kitchen City Frozen Meals

Since a lot of people still can’t go out, many businesses sought to address the desire to “eat out.” One of them is Kitchen City Frozen Meals. The business started in 1999 as an operator of canteens of electronics and manufacturing companies in South Luzon. It then expanded its operations by servicing hospitals, hotels, schools, offices and BPOs, and has eventually ventured to institutional catering services. 

On March 2020, to be able to continuously serve the existing clients as well as provide alternative meal options to the consumers for the new normal setup, Kitchen City launched the Kitchen City Frozen Meals which is the company’s ready to heat frozen meals offering, which is offered or deliveries at different locations in greater Manila area. Jun Abelardo, co-founder of Kitchen City says “We have been fortunate that our change in business model, as a way to adapt during the pandemic, yielded better than expected results.”

What’s new

The new business model also encouraged the utilization of cashless payment transactions and expanded frozen meals options for the consumers who want to enjoy Filipino favourite viands such as Beef Caldereta, Kare Kare, Lechon Paksiw, Laing, Bicol Express and even Leche Flan in the safety of their homes.

“So, we had to pivot our business to food delivery to remain relevant. We operate over cafeterias and employ more than 1,000. We had to change business models to generate revenues so that we can keep employing our people, Ricardo Abelardo Jr., Kitchen City President/COO, said. 

From 11 menus, they have over 60 delicious choices. “We thought of family frozen meals to family and we learned that the concept appealed also to a lot of people such as seniors, condo dwellers, work from home employees and people who just wanted convenience. Food safety was an essential part of people’s decision on where to buy their food, so we added our tagline, Made Safe. Made Delicious” Abelardo said, 

Where to find them next

On December 2020, Kitchen City Frozen Meals launched its first outlet store at Sikatuna, Quezon City. Kitchen city frozen meals is now keeping a critical eye on expanding in our home-market, which will focus mostly on household communities and condominium communities around metro manila as we want more and more people to experience Kitchen City Frozen Meals. “Currently we have 10 outlets strategically situated in metro manila,” Ace Azarraga, Kitchen City marketing manager, said. 

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The Kitchen City Frozen Meals come in 600grams (family size) and in 300grams (buddy size) at very reasonable prices. You can check out the complete menu and purchase online through the website,

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