Get to Know the Personal Trainers Behind Our Favorite Fitspirations

Get to Know the Personal Trainers Behind Our Favorite Fitspirations


Interested in finding out who trains your favorite local celebrities? Here are two coaches that are favored by actresses and beauty queens

What do notable personalities like Celeste Cortesi, Kylie Verzosa, and Heaven Peralejo have in common? They each have a personal trainer to help them reach and maintain their desired fitness goals. While certainly not a requirement, having a good personal trainer is kind of like having a secret ingredient since you have someone with expert knowledge to show you the ropes. And what are their not-so-secret ingredients? Coaches Arnold Aninion and Inigo Hizon, two of the country’s top fitness coaches, with the kind of clientele to back that up.

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Arnold Aninion

Celebrity coach Arnold Aninion with Bretman Rock
Photo: ARNOLD ANINION (via Instagram)

Coach Arnold is not new to the public eye. He has a history in rugby, bodybuilding, and Survivor Philippines, making him a trusted source of expert insights in fitness. It makes no surprise then that his famed #ARNOLDSARMY is an envied bunch, especially since plenty of A-list celebrities are part of this total-body transformation movement.

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Videos: ARNOLD ANINION (via Instagram)

So, who has Coach Arnold trained? Nowadays, he’s most known for the work he puts Celeste Cortesi and Kylie Verzosa through. But he has also trained the likes of Liza Soberano, Erwan Heussaff, Bretman Rock, and so much more over the course of his entire career.

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Inigo Hizon

Celebrity coach Inigo Hizon with actress Janine Gutierrez
Photo: JANINE GUTIERREZ (via Instagram)

Another known name in the industry is Coach Inigo, a certified personal trainer and “Booty Builder.” Like Coach Arnold, he offers expert insights for anyone looking to transform their bodies and live healthier lives through effective workout routines and diet recommendations.

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Videos: INIGO HIZON and HEAVEN PERALEJO (via Instagram)

Visiting his profile, you’ll find that Coach Inigo is trusted by many models, actresses, and personalities like Heaven Peralejo, Janine Gutierrez, Max Collins, Rhian Ramos, Sam Verzosa, and Angely Dub. He also helped Solenn Heussaff through her postpartum exercises after the birth of her second child.

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All that being said, let these individuals inspire you to live a happier and healthier life and not be influenced into one where you have negative body image issues. Though you may choose to follow what exercises these celebrities and personal trainers use for your own at-home routine, keep in mind that your results may not look like theirs. That is why getting one-on-one guidance is the suggested route for people looking to transform their bodies because a good trainer will know what routine you should follow that is effective and sustainable for your body type, diet, and lifestyle. And remember, healthy looks different on everybody

Featured Image: ARNOLD ANINION (via Instagram)

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