Get Your Halloween Fright Night On With These Editor-Approved Spooky Flicks

Get Your Halloween Fright Night On With These Editor-Approved Spooky Flicks


As we’re a week away from Halloween, this is the perfect time to binge-watch some of the best and spookiest Halloween movies, according to MEGA Editorial.

If going out this weekend isn’t part of your plans, it’s best to just get cozy with your pillows, blankets, and turn your TV on. From the thousands of horror films to watch (and re-watch), we narrowed it down to these editor-approved Halloween movies. Whether it’d be petrifying, sinister, oddly funny, or a little gross, we’re certain it’s fitting this spooky season. And, we’ll try our best not to spoil.

Call in the whole family, friends, or if you want to enjoy the thrilling suspense solo, go ahead, it’s your choice. Meanwhile, here are the movies you might want to watch over the weekend.

Final Destination I to V

“When ghosts, scary faces, and jump scares are the least that I can handle, my friends suggested I watch Final Destination. After I started and got hooked with the first movie, I found myself watching the rest of the five sequels on the same day. With every character’s sudden premonitions and ways on how to cheat the inescapable death, how can I not finish it until the very end? But, okay, my favorite scene was from the Final Destination III, which gave me second thoughts on getting tanned.” – Alinea Hernandez, Digital Beauty and Features Writer

Coming Soon

“Out of all the horror movies that I watched growing up, I think Coming Soon has always been—and always will be—the scariest movie there will be. Apart from the impeccable jump scares and the terrifying ghost, it was really Shomba’s story that stuck with me, especially her infamous line: “You want to see me die, right?” I literally couldn’t sleep for a whole week, until I saw a hint of light passing through the curtain blinds in my room.” – Daniel Reyes, Digital Fashion Writer


“Casper was a ubiquitous presence in the lexicon of 1990s childhood movies. I remember watching it a few times on a rented VHS and I would know Halloween was fast approaching. Maybe the thought of watching Casper takes me back once upon a time when I was innocent, hopeful, and curious. Also, let’s admit it: Casper became a sexual awakening for a lot of us ‘90s babies!” – Elyse Ilagan, Digital Features Editor

Silence of the Lambs

“Gore films have always been my go-to films in the horror genre—from using simple yet lethal weapons to the elaborate killing using a chainsaw. However, that was until I watched the Silence of The Lambs, featuring award-winners Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. I think this is a great example of how a great horror movie should be like: intense, suspenseful, yet still scary without any gimmicks.” – Shaira Bungcag, Multimedia Artist


“Horror movies never seem to captivate me as much as other genres do, but watching Hereditary truly redefined the horror films in general. There are no words that could describe how terrifying, heartbreaking, and brilliant this movie is. Ari Aster’s debut film featured a dysfunctional family battling their inner demons, but as the plot progressed, you’ll be bewildered as you’ll realize there’s a much powerful and terrifying antagonist they’re facing.” – Thea Martin, Editorial Admin Associate

Rosemary’s Baby

“I’m not the biggest fan of horror movies (I scare easily), so someone like me would need distractions—whether it be the film’s handsome leading man or its strong cinematography. Rosemary’s Baby was memorable to me not only because of its haunting plot, but also because leading lady Mia Farrow took pregnancy style to a whole new level. From baby doll dresses to her chic Vidal Sassoon pixie cut, the actress was a vision all throughout the film. Perhaps one could get Halloween costume ideas from her looks too!” -Marella Ricketts, Beauty and Features Associate

Cabin Fever

It was at the tail-end of my senior year in high school when I first got introduced to this very odd horror flick. Imagine a group of friends huddled in the dead of night, watching this campy and flat-out hilarious attempt at scaring the lives out of us. It showed so much promise though, with elements that you would think would make a great fright night film: an abandoned cabin in the woods, creeping paranoia, and lots and lots of screaming. However, in its feeble attempt to chill the spine, it ended making us laugh the entire time. Not just because it was an impossible premise, or that it had deplorable acting, but because at some point, a character screamed: “PANCAKES!” Give it a go if you want to have a good laugh on Halloween. –Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, Digital Content Editor


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