Getting Cozy, Camille Co And Joni Koro Are Warming Up For Their First Christmas As Husband And Wife

Getting Cozy, Camille Co And Joni Koro Are Warming Up For Their First Christmas As Husband And Wife


Before you get caught up in the blur of the holidays, take time to sit down with someone special and enjoy a cup of coffee, just like our husband and wife goals, Camille Co and Joni Koro.

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Yes, the turnover is on a dizzying, migraine-inducing hyper speed, but who could forget that moment in Instagram history when Camillo Co sauntered into the incandescent blanket of immaculate snow, Tiffany blue skies, and frosted trees swathed in a saccharine confection of a dress in tiered tulle? It was her first trip to the subarctic expanse of Finland, so she naturally had to make it count—and she very well did. Taking on the feisty spirit of Elsa, she sure didn’t let the cold bother her anyway. A memorable first for her in the part of the world where her husband, Joni Koro, grew up, she took to the experience really learning about the culture, living out traditions, and encapsulating moments to last a lifetime.

It was in this trip to the Nordic region that Camille also discovered the warming wonders of Fika, a tradition of sharing a coffee and cake break with someone. A state of mind that is much more than just a time away from the mundane and menial, this essential facet of Swedish culture imprinted itself indelibly that the couple hosted an intimate afternoon affair to relive the memory of their trip, as well as to fete the festive season.

With snow and a crackling fire, albeit simulated on screens, the warmth of the holidays was truly felt in all the details such as the spruce up tree, the touches of Scandinavian sensibilities through Curio Cavern’s curated products, and most importantly, the unending servings of delicacies and coffee.

Celebrating a coming together of their nearest and dearest, Camille Co and Joni Koro indulged everyone in this special moment, sharing how they are looking forward to spend their first Christmas together as a married couple. Bringing in the best of both their worlds, the #CoKoros are more than ready to build new traditions they can hold on to for all the years to come. This includes a non-negotiable for the two, indulgent cups of hot coffee, inspired of course by Scandinavian flavors.

Photo from @itscamilleco on Instagram

For the season, Nespresso introduces its iconic end-of-year range that incorporates the cultural institutions of Nordic moments such Hygge (cozy contentment) and Fika. Realized in partnership with renowned Danish designer, Louise Campbell, Nespresso launches the limited edition range of coffee and accompanying accessories, which evoke the design and flavor strongholds of the Nordic countries.

Apart from the standard Nordic Black, an aromatic African and South American Arabica blend of elegant and sweet fruity notes that swirl to a smooth aftertaste with medium intensity, Nespresso also offers Nordic Almond Cake, a blend of biscuit and vanilla aroma that takes inspiration from the traditional Kvæfjordkake, and the Nordic Cloudberry, where the tartness of the berries unique to the region coalesces with a lashing of sweet fruity jam and a hint of acidity. To highlight these seasonal offerings, Nespresso crafts capsules, sleeves, pixie cups, and view cubes that not only reflect the Nordic trend of evocative restraint and minimalism, but elevates the shared coffee moment to a linger memory made.

Much like the spirit of Hygge and Fika, it is essential to take time to slow things in the tempestuous swing of the season. There is much to enjoy, whether it be a lingering moment shared while waiting for the world to pass by or setting off into adventures unknown, you just have to be there, present and mindful of the memory. The same holds true for Camille Co and Joni Koro, with the rest of their lives ahead of them. Much lies ahead, but for now, they’re happy and content, slowly building the best of their lives together, one cup of coffee at a time.

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