5 Gift Shopping Tips From Top Luxury Shopper Aimee Hashim

5 Gift Shopping Tips From Top Luxury Shopper Aimee Hashim


Celebrating her birthday and the 10th anniversary of her luxury shopping business, Love Luxe Bags threw a holiday get together for everyone who has supported Aimee and her brand.

Photo courtesy @magicliwanag

A nurse by profession, Aimee actually started her career in luxury fashion as a lifestyle consultant at Rustan’s. From there she learned the ropes of luxury shopping and then decided to build her own luxury services brand, Love Luxe Bags.

Aimee’s statement piece of the night is the Chanel Robot Minaudiere from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Today, top celebrities like Kris Aquino, Marian Rivera, Maja Salvador and Kathryn Bernardo trust Aimee for all their luxury goods needs. Add to that the genuine relationship Aimee has with her client, Love Luxe Bags has become one of the most celebrated luxury shopping companies here and abroad.

For her, passion, perseverance and honesty made her brand to what it is today. “Do it with passion or don’t do it at all. This is the age where most buyers prefer privacy and the convenience of delivery. Add to that the edge of owning things first makes lifestyle consultants an essential part of my clients’ life.” She mentions that a lot of people might not like her straightforward attitude but it is what built her brand and gained most trust from her clients.


As an authority in luxury shopping, we sat down with her to give us some pointers on the most effective way of luxury shopping this holiday season.

1. Make a shopping plan

It pays to shop early but if it can’t be helped then at least have a clear plan of the things you want to shop and the people you want to shop for.

2. Write a gift-giving list

Come up with a list of people you need to give gifts to. For me, especially when it is a rush request, I ask for the preferences of the person they are giving it to and I start from there.

3. Wish lists solve everything

If you can, come up with a wish list. My clients have this with me and whenever relatives and friends ask them what they want they immediately ask them to contact me. It saves them from the trouble of picking something one already has.

4. Go back to basics

If you don’t particularly know the person well, say a new colleague or boss, it’s always nice to stick to the basics. A good scarf, pretty pens and notebooks,a perfume, no matter how small it is always the thought and effort that counts

5. Get a personal shopper to do it all for you

Don’t panic. As long as you have a shopper you will be fine. (Sometimes flash sales happen last minute so there’s always something you can get for a lower price)


Visit @loveluxebags on Instagram to see the latest pieces for pre-order or contact them directly at +639209733159 for personal shopping requests

Event photos by Magic Liwanag
Additional portrait photos by Dookie Ducay

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