Give Your Skin The Proper Care With An Independent Beauty Consultant

Give Your Skin The Proper Care With An Independent Beauty Consultant


If you’re feeling unsure with what to give your skin, it’s best to seek advice from your own independent beauty consultant. Getting a little personal and up close with Mary Kay products that best suits you, these independent beauty consultants will leave you with no worries. 

An independent beauty consultant stands as your beauty partner in analyzing your skin better.  But these beauty consultants are so much more, because behind these beauty consultants are inspiring stories that are worth-sharing. Recently, Mary Kay released a beauty video series featuring the heartfelt stories of these independent beauty consultants whose lives were enriched through discovering the brand. 

Flaunting how empowered they are, Mary Kay puts the stories of these women on spotlight. “Everything that we do is to enrich the lives of the women who believe in what Mary Kay can do,” says Ms. Sobee C. Dueñas, Mary Kay Philippines General Manager. 



“Mary Kay really believes in providing the best opportunity that a woman can have. Mary Kay is all about encouraging women,” said Mr. K.K. Chua, Mary Kay Asia Pacific Regional President in an exclusive interview with MEGA. What sets apart Mary Kay’s beauty video series are the real women with Mary Kay values sharing real stories and imparting lessons.

Similar with Mr. KK Chua, who had the privilege to land a job that he truly likes, these beauty consultants found their real beautiful purpose in taking this career path.

For more information on Mary Kay’s beauty video series, you can check their Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube accounts.

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