Global Fashion Icon Bryanboy is the Face of Belo’s Newest Campaign

Global Fashion Icon Bryanboy is the Face of Belo’s Newest Campaign


Belo also hosted a star-studded homecoming party for Bryanboy with guests like Rhian Ramos, Michelle Dee, Siobhan Moylan, and more.

Belo marked a new beauty breakthrough as they welcomed global fashion icon and social media sensation Bryanboy as the face of their RF microneedling innovation. As a true patron of the medical group, the tastemaker lauded the revolutionary procedure as his skin-perfecting secret.

The beauty pioneer gave a nod to the icon’s accomplishments in the fashion industry, and named him as a purveyor of innovation. “He recognizes that Belo has always believed in investing in the future, and this is perfectly in line with what he espouses: investing in only the best, and the best that is yet to come,” the company shared in an exclusive press release. “As someone who is privy to the latest trends, Bryanboy finds himself being a purveyor of innovation as well, and his latest discovery comes in the form of a beauty procedure he simply can’t stop raving about: Belo’s Virtue RF.”

The top choice

Bryanboy’s choice of treatment, the Virtue RF, is the world’s first radiofrequency micro-needling platform which gives optimal results while providing a best-in-class and customized experience. It provides both epidermal resurfacing and deeper dermal remodeling to address recurring acne, fine lines, and face contouring in one go. It can also be custom-tailored to skin goals, age, and concerns—a primary reason why it became his favorite pick. 

A treatment like no other

Unlike other existing RF microneedling machines, the latest beauty procedure provides three types of handpieces ranging from Smart, Deep, and Exact, which allows doctors to distinctly address various skin issues and indications. Aside from that, it also utilizes four technologies to ensure less pain, faster recovery, standout efficacy, and long-lasting results. 

The first one, named the Integrated Energy Control System (IECS), allows the doctors to adjust the surface area of the procedure, from a large area with low density to a narrow area with high density. The Advanced Cooling System (ACS) minimizes pain and discomfort by regulating the temperature of the cooling plate, while the Integrated Pulsed Radiofrequency System (IPRS) allows pulse durations to be customized to allow the energy to be delivered in deeper areas as it minimizes unnecessary tissue damage. Lastly, the Minimum Depth Control System (MDCS) enables the most precise depth customizations to specifically target the skin issue. 

The homecoming soirée

In celebration of its newest milestone, the company hosted a star-studded homecoming event for the global fashion icon. Personalities from both the fashion and beauty industries were in attendance including Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho, as well as Belo Babies Rhian Ramos, Michelle Dee, Siobhan Moylan, Nicole Andersson, Christi McGarry, and Bianca Valerio.

Notable guests also included AGC PHC Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco, AGC PHC Head of Corporate Affairs and Business Expansion Randolf Palanca, and MEGA EIC Peewee Reyes-Isidro.

I’m confident, I’m ready to face the world because of how she transformed me and how I look, so I’m so grateful to Dr. Belo.


While the intimate gathering was to commemorate the newest campaign with Bryanboy at its forefront, it wouldn’t have been a celebration without a few games, which consisted of some of the guests going head to head in a competitive round of “Name That Belo Treatment.” In the end, it was Nicole Andersson who took home a special package from the Belo team. To cap off the event, Christi Mcgarry played the freshest beats for everyone to enjoy.

To book a consultation, visit Belo’s official website here.

Bryanboy images courtesy of BELO
Photography DANIEL TAN

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