Glossy Highlighters That Will Get You Glowing Like A Goddess

Glossy Highlighters That Will Get You Glowing Like A Goddess


Last week, we unveiled the much-anticipated cover of MEGA’s May 2018 issue featuring summer siren, Nadine Lustre in her best Lustrous beauty look from her collaboration with BYS. If there’s anything that Nadine absolutely nails, it’s the luminous, natural look perfect for the beach.

We know everyone is already setting their getaway plans and while you’ve prepped and packed your essentials and bikinis, your look is never complete without a bit of radiance. We delve in to some of our favorite glossy highlighters to achieve that wet, editorial look that will get you set to glow for the beach.

Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty

Photo from Sephora

A natural cream highlight is undeniably quite a magical step in a makeup routine–a little dew to the skin brings life and creates a youthful radiance. If you’re worried about intense, patchy highlighters, this luminizer subtly illuminates the face and enhances its natural glow without looking too greasy or glittery.

Strobing Stick by Tony Moly

Photo from Shopify

A favorite in Korean makeup, strobing sticks offer beautifully understated shine. This one from Tony Moly has a refined texture that won’t feel sticky but still has that slip you want from a creamy formula. It even layers quite well over powder products.

Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Kitten by Stila

If you want a powder product that will give you that editorial effect that liquids or creams give, then this Stila highlighter will give you that great fusion. It has a putty type of formula and doesn’t have much of a base color so you never have to worry about ashiness or a color castmaking it perfect for a great range of skin tones.

Beauty Light Wand by Charlotte Tilbury

Nobody does supermodel glow quite like Charlotte Tilbury. The makeup artist and creator of Kim K’s favorite face and body highlighters have the liquid formula nailed to a T. The beauty of a liquid illuminator is its versatility—use it in a variety of ways such as layering underneath foundation for a dewy finish, over it for a long-lasting shine on the high points or on bare skin or mixed with your lotion for beach-ready radiance on the body.

Glow Stick in Spotlight by Marc Jacobs

Photo from Sephora

Another strobing stick on the list but this one differs greatly to the Tony Moly highlighter in terms of shine factor. Marc Jacobs’ is twice the luminosity and is more emollient. This one is best applied with fingers and you won’t believe how powerful it can be.

Supershock Highlighter in Flexitarian by Colourpop

Photo from Shopify

The cheapest priced on this list is by far the strongest. The Supershock highlighters have a formula quite similar to Stila’s putty-like texture, so it’s smooth and feels creamy despite it being a powder product. Be warned—Flexitarian isn’t for the faint of heart. This is for the girls (and guys) looking for that seen-from-outer-space type of glow but keep in mind that this sort of highlighter can emphasize lines and texture so be sure moisturize well and apply strategically.

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