Go For Gold: Five Designer Bags With Their Iconic Gold Logos

Go For Gold: Five Designer Bags With Their Iconic Gold Logos


Whether it’s trendy or timeless, we rounded up five must-have designer bags that are embellished with the brands’ logos in gold

When it comes to choosing bags, one can be overwhelmed with the wide variety of designs a fashion house offers. The racks become vivid to our eyes as classic staples and fresh prints are displayed in different shapes and sizes. They cater to those who love simple yet elegant pieces, as well as for those who love show-stopping, statement bags. So, how do we choose? 

Classic yet trendy, and timeless with a twist—we listed five designer bags that will guarantee an elevated impact on your ensemble. All of which come with a simple detailing that is hard to miss: a gold logo. 

Yves Saint Laurent Le 5 À 7 Hobo bag

The french house knows how to stick by their roots as trends come and go. In their own rendition of the mini bag fad, the Le 5 À 7 Hobo bag was designed with such minimalism—finished with smooth leather that has a subtle shine and a gold clasp that goes over the zipper. It’s a fool-proof bag that goes with anything.

LOEWE Luna bag

Designed with a unique structure, the Luna bag ensures a stylish look with comfort in mind. The structural silhouette of this LOEWE bag gives an easy access to your essentials while keeping it chic and truly one-of-a-kind.

Dior 30 Montaigne East-West bag

The 30 Montaigne East-West is Dior’s newest bag in their bag collection. It’s a piece that captures the elegance and timeless essence Dior has always been known for. From the smooth calfskin material to the antique gold-finish metal CD clasp, there is no doubt that it’s a bag that will transcend the trends. 

Louis Vuitton Twist One Handle BB 

Reinterpretted in BB size, the Twist One Handle BB captures one’s attention because its sophisticated aesthetic is compressed in such a dainty size. To those who are still on the hunt for a cheeky bag, this piece can easily elevate your look as it can be worn as a shoulder bag, crossbody, or by the handle.

Prada Matinée Saffiano in small

In contrast with the others, the Prada Matinée was designed with soft lines that exude such a delicate vibe. It merges a sophisticated femininity through its structure, while the Saffiano black leather, an iconic material of the brand, adds a touch ruggedness to the whole piece.

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