Going For A Chill Date Night? Here's 5 Movies You Should Binge Watch

Going For A Chill Date Night? Here's 5 Movies You Should Binge Watch


With everyone prepping for romantic dinners at home or making all the calls in time to make reservations, it’s understandable that some won’t feel like going out. While the thought of going out for a special date night sounds exciting, the possibility of getting stuck in traffic is something that nobody is surely down for. Whether you’re with friends or a significant other this Valentine’s Day for a low-key celebration, grab some food and a glass of your favorite wine and check out these 5 movies you can watch for chill night in.
The One I Love (2014)
We’ve all heard of The Notebook and other conventionally romantic films when reading Valentine’s Day film recommendations but for everyone out there who loves their share of sci-fi thrillers with a dash of romance, this Charlie McDowell-directed film is perfect for you. Starring Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss, a couple finds themselves in a surreal experience during a getaway at a house recommended by their marriage counselor. We won’t get too much into it but we can tell you this, there’s a twist you can’t miss.

Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Based on the classic Jane Austen novel, this classic film is one you absolutely have to watch or even see for a second time because it’s that good. Keira Knightley gives a riveting performance as Elizabeth Bennet, the outspoken, eldest sibling of the Bennet sisters who refuses to conform to her family’s ideals of marrying an upper class man to succeed. If there’s one girl in classic literature that we root for, it’s Elizabeth.

Clueless (1995)
For something light-hearted and fun, 90s teen movies are always the go-to. And especially for all the fashion girls out there, Cher Horowitz has to be the film icon whose closet we all envied. Riddled with funny quotable moments and fashion references, this coming-of-age comedy is one movie you’d want to pick for your chilldate night,

The Incredible Jessica James (2017)
A new addition to the Netflix lineup, The Incredible Jessica James is one film that a lot of millennials can probably relate to. It’s the old-fashioned type of romantic comedy that’s decidedly modern in its frame of reference. Starring the Daily Show’s breakout star, Jessica Williams. The film revolves around a struggling playwright and an English divorcee, both having been through a breakup. Together, they figure out a way to make it in a “post-relationship” world.

6 Years (2015)
Starring Taissa Farmiga and Ben Rosenfield, 6 Years follows a young couple who has been together since high school as they face the future of their relationship after college. The film relays the realities of long-term relationship and one that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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