Channel The Golden Age Of Hollywood With Young Designer Chris Nick

Channel The Golden Age Of Hollywood With Young Designer Chris Nick


Ever dreamed of becoming Hollywood royalty? Let young designer Chris Nick make your dreams come true.

If there’s one thing that the 30s have thought us in fashion, it’s to go all out with glitz and glamor. The 30s made us witness the true beauty of Hollywood’s golden age. From Marilyn Monroe’s shocking pink dress to Audrey Hepburn’s uber chic black dress, we surely saw no shortage of celebrities’ great panache.

And now, reviving the resplendence of old Hollywood glamor in the Philippines is none other than Chris Nick. “Film, music, and travel are usually where I get inspiration,” the young designer explained. “But the golden age of Hollywood and the fantasy of it all that has been sealed in the film will always be the strongest influence in my work.”

Perhaps that’s why upon seeing his collection before during Manila Fashion Fest, he can effortlessly captivate you with his posh creations—equally radiating the splendor of La Tour Eiffel. Come to think of it, Chris didn’t fail to impeccably marry old-world glamor with modern elegance. Thanks to his use of drapes and different fabrics, he consistently brings classic suits and dresses to the next level.

After all, he defines a Chris Nick man and woman as someone who embodies “elegance and sophistication.” According to him, “they are always put together. They value luxury and stick to the classics that last a lifetime. They never seek attention but they always get it otherwise—and of course, chic 24/7. ”

Now that he is able to put up his own RTW line, the quality of his work will still mesmerize you, much like his clothes that are made to measure. The best part about his new line? All of it truly revolves around versatility which won’t make it hard for you to style yourself.

Chris shared that the reason that he ventured to RTW is because he really wanted to cater to his clients who need pieces on the spot. “I know not everyone has the time to go back and forth for fittings. [So] I wanted to offer both made to measure and ready-to-wear items for my very busy clients,” he explained.

As of the moment, Chris Nick has only launched a few pieces. But fret not, because it will ultimately lead up to his July 2019 release which would include more designs that are readily available online at

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