Goodbye, Skin Triggers: Dermatologist Shares Her Knowledge in Dealing with Sensitive Skin

Goodbye, Skin Triggers: Dermatologist Shares Her Knowledge in Dealing with Sensitive Skin


Dr. Crystal Roxas, a licensed dermatologist and beauty aficionado, shares her advice and tips in solving multiple sensitive skin problems

The constant stress, the daily commute, and the scorching heat of the sun are part of the challenges we face every day as we climb to the top of the career ladder. A long work day in a vicious environment triggers sensitive skin and prompts us to turn to our beauty and bath rituals to feel refreshed and renewed again.

However, not everything is a walk to the park for people with sensitive skin, resulting in annoying symptoms such as redness, itching, pain, and allergies that lead to several trips to the dermatologist. In this case, this new product from NIVEA can help address your skin concerns with its dermatologist-approved formula. NIVEA Derma Repair and Care promises to bring relief to dry and irritated skin.

To learn more about sensitive skin and how NIVEA can help you, we decided to bring the answers to you by consulting with Dr. Crystal Roxas, a licensed dermatologist, to aid us in our journey towards stress-free beautiful skin.

A walkthrough with Dr. Roxas 

We had a talk with Dr. Roxas to discuss the proper ways of caring for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is a layman’s term rather than a diagnosis, as it medically pertains to a reduced tolerance to topical products and stimuli, whether internal or external. When triggered by these factors, it can result in various skin problems such as rashes, itchiness, swelling, allergies, acne, tightness, dryness, and so on.

Three health-conscious individuals with different skin types and concerns consulted with Dr. Roxas on this matter. As working women grinding on the ladder of success, they constantly improve their lifestyles and pamper themselves splendidly by treating skincare not just as a habit, but as a way to destress from their jobs. Looking and feeling beautiful are two different things, and you cannot feel beautiful if you are suffering from discomfort and sensitivity. 

Eczema and its triggers

Businesswoman Micah Nepomuceno shares her story about her eczema struggles.

One of the working women who sent us her concerns is Micah, a content creator and small business owner. Micah’s case involved struggling with eczema on her hands. While she shared that she had been using moisturizer for it, Micah asked Dr. Roxas if there are any effective methods in dealing with eczema. 

“Eczema is a skin disease caused by a disordered immune system,” Dr. Roxas explained. “Identifying and avoiding potential triggers can help prevent flare-ups.” 

Dr. Roxas enumerated that common eczema triggers are dryness, stress, irritants like detergents, weather, and allergies to food or chemicals. Treatment options for eczema vary depending on the type and the severity. They can include lifestyle changes and even OTC remedies. Dr. Roxas told us that it’s always best to consult a dermatologist. “Managing your eczema is more than using creams and medications. While it can be a frustrating disease, symptoms can be managed by developing a plan with your doctor and sticking to their advice.” 

While the long-term solution for eczema would be a trip to a dermatologist, lotions made for sensitive skin such as NIVEA Derma Repair and Care can immediately give relief to the itchy and dry skin that comes with having eczema flare-ups. This can give you long-lasting comfort throughout the day without suffering its symptoms.

A one-stop skin remedy for multiple skin conditions

Influencer Janeena Chan is interested in learning more about beneficial product ingredients for sensitive skin.

Janeena Chan, a TV host, podcaster, and columnist, is also one of the women who sent us her inquiry. As a well-known personality, it is vital for Janeena to maintain the health and beauty of her skin. Despite her efforts in taking care of her skin, Janeena shared that her skin would often get tainted with red marks whenever she’s stressed. Aside from that, skin dryness would occur whenever she fails to get a decent amount of sleep. Because of these, Janeena is interested in learning if there are ingredients that can solve multiple problems at once. 

“Actually, there are certain ingredients that can solve two or more skin problems at once,” Dr. Roxas suggested. “As a general rule, if your skin stings or burns after using skincare products, it’s considered sensitive.” 

Dr. Roxas urges those with sensitive skin to look for certain ingredients whenever they’re shopping for their products. “You have to check if your product is gentle and has soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramic acid, and dexpanthenol,” Dr. Roxas said, as these ingredients can both be used as treatment and for prevention. These ingredients repair and strengthen our skin barrier in order to prevent moisture loss leading to tighter and moisturizer, healthier skin. Deep moisture serum and the above-mentioned dexpanthenol are key ingredients of NIVEA Derma Repair and Care, making it a one-stop solution for several sensitive skin problems.

Keeping your skin well-prepped and clean before and after a long day

MEGA Editor Mika Reyes tells us the story about her side job as a model and the skin concerns that come with it.

From our team, MEGA Writer and Producer Mika also decided to inquire about her own concerns. Aside from being a writer, Mika also works as a model, although it is quite a struggle for her at times whenever clothes and makeup often cause irritation to her skin.

“Mika’s question is more lifestyle-oriented,” Dr. Roxas elaborated. “She is in the beauty industry, she needs to make sure that her body is well-prepped and moisturized before and after using makeup.” This is a concern for Mika, since she has to use products to also address her sensitive skin.

Dr. Roxas gave us some tips on how to prep your skin properly to avoid irritation and other symptoms, not just for models like Mika, but for everyone else who works long hours.  “So you just have to gently cleanse your skin and put on a moisturizer right after your shower. When your skin is still damp and your pores are open, the moisturizer gets absorbed by your body more,” Dr. Roxas suggested. “Never forget to use sunscreen. When work is done, let’s make sure that all the makeup and products are removed properly using a gentle makeup remover.” 

One tip is to always use products with the ingredients mentioned earlier—aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramic acid, and dexpanthenol—to be on the safe side and avoid worsening the problem. “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize before you go to bed.” Dr. Roxas insisted. Dermatologist-approved NIVEA Derma Repair and Care not only soothes sensitive skin irritations, but also moisturizes your skin and cares for it without causing breakouts or allergies.

A dermatologist-approved skin remedy

Several cosmetic products in the skincare industry are produced to enhance beauty, reduce acne, or whiten skin, but there are only a handful that can serve as both a beauty product and a remedy at the same time. NIVEA Derma Repair and Care is a body lotion that soothes your skin after a long day and repairs any damage immediately from its first application. The formula is concocted to balance well with the skin’s microbiome or the natural moisturizer. NIVEA Derma Repair and Care has two magic components—NIVEA deep moisture serum and dexpanthenol. It is a given that lotions are meant to moisturize our skin, but this particular product also gives relief to sensitive, itchy, irritated, and very dry skin.

The key ingredient, dexpanthenol, is a known cure for several skin concerns such as allergies, rashes, eczema, and provides moisture to tight skin. It is the key ingredient of NIVEA Derma Repair and Care, so it can leave you with a feeling of relief that lasts for 72 hours. The best part is that the ingredients work immediately upon contact with your skin, so you no longer have to wait for hours or days for the product to take effect. 

In maintaining your skin for all walks of life, stress and allergies are no longer something to fear. The product is well-suited for working women who spend their days building their careers under high-pressure situations or commuting under the sun. With NIVEA Derma Repair and Care, you can definitely enjoy living a stress-free life and beautifully healthy skin without worrying about irritation and dryness in the long run.

The NIVEA Derma Repair and Care Lotion is now available for you to have! Check out the product in Watsons or Lazada and add it to your cart. You may also visit the NIVEA website for more information about this new skin remedy. 

Dr. Crystal Roxas is not an endorser or an affiliate of the brand.

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