Say Goodbye to Summer With These 7 Homegrown Tracks

Say Goodbye to Summer With These 7 Homegrown Tracks


Wave goodbye to the summer sun and welcome the rainclouds with these OPM tracks!
The rainy season is slowly approaching and summer is coming to an end. We get a little unprepared with rain starting to frequent our supposedly sunny afternoons. But this shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the rest of the season! Welcome the rain clouds with a playlist made just for you!
Dive in these OPM tracks that will give you all the right feels. From Moira Dela Torre to James Reid—sit back, plug in your earphones, and relax with this ultimate “Goodbye, Summer” playlist:

Slide – Dane Hipolito (feat. Keiko Necesario)

Fall in love with the cool vocals from Dane Hipolito and Keiko Necesario. The song’s soft percussions and ambient melodies are just perfect for rainy afternoons or balmy summer nights.

Maybe The Night – Ben & Ben

Looking for a song to gather around the bonfire with? Ben&Ben’s acoustics will put you at the end of a summer night feel. Maybe bring out a guitar yourself and jam with the band’s unplugged tracks.

Instead (Hold You Down) – B.P. Valenzuela

Realizing that the end is near can be really painful. But B.P. Valenzuela claims it’s for the best to end it as early as possible. Feeling the pain already? Let the hard bass beats of the song and B.P.’s voice do the talking.

Puno – Coeli (feat. Clara Benin)

One last moment under the sun? This calming acoustic track from Coeli and Clara Benin will wrap you with warmth one last time as the summer breeze begins to fade.

Take Her To The Moon – Moira Dela Torre

Moira is probably everyone’s go-to artist for heartbreaking tracks. Well, “Take Her To The Moon” is no different. This B-Side track from her album “Malaya” is a gem that will comfort you through the pain of a break-up.

Sorry I Left – Janina Vela (feat. Donny Pangilinan)

“Right love, wrong time.” Looking for the perfect song to describe your summer love affair? Let Janina Vela and Donny Pangilinan sing it for you. This pop ballad will make you cry a little with lyrics so on point it hurts.

16B – James Reid

Released just before his birthday, James Reid treats us with an R&B track inspired by a close friend of his. The singer-actor adds that he wrote the lyrics and melody himself. What is 16B, you ask? James says that 16B is a place where even the fieriest of souls can get lost in the pretty lights.

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