#GotMarqed: Reimagined Hair Care With Marqed Salon

#GotMarqed: Reimagined Hair Care With Marqed Salon


This salon cares for your hair like actual doctors and you’ll definitely come back for it.

I can’t count the times I have dyed my hair since starting it in college. I went blonde, green, blue, plain old brunette, went back to back, and many more. Seven years later, here I am, still exploring a whole spectrum of colors and their hues in all ways possible. In the past year alone, my hair already went through 5 different colors. I did give my hair a break but after six months, I was told about Marqed Salon and their new tech: the scalp and hair scanner. I thought we should give it a try and see my hair’s condition after all the treatment it’s been through. What can I say? The new tech wasn’t the only thing that makes me want to come back to Marqed. It’s the way they care for my hair.

An In-depth Look

The moment we enter the salon, we were already offered a seat and a glass of water. It’s safe to say that this place will definitely make you feel spoiled. It wasn’t so long until Senior Stylist Mark Rosales entertained us to ask what we wanted to do with our hair. He offered the hair scanner and out of curiosity, we immediately said yes.

The scalp and hair scanner is exclusive at Marqed Salon. It allows the stylist and the client to get a deeper look into the condition of their scalp and understand which treatment is best for it. They have a whole set of solutions prepared for any condition: dry, oily, and normal.

MEGA | #GotMarqed: Reimagined Hair Care With Marqed Salon

After the diagnosis, Mark and his team treated my teammate’s hair with Plarmia Products. All while doing this, I was getting my hair bleached to get the platinum blonde I have always wanted to have. Through the process, the scalp treatment was cold and minty, making it extremely relaxing. After the treatment, we took another round at the scanner and the stark difference was seen.

MEGA | #GotMarqed: Reimagined Hair Care With Marqed Salon

Reimagined Hair Care

After all our treatments, we were surprised by what we were handed over. It’s an RX pad—yes, the ones the doctors have. “Every salon’s providing the same services—from hair color, hair cut, even products nga eh,” Mark tells us. “So, what tells you apart from other salons?” For Marqed Salon, it’s that sheet of paper that will change your hair care routine.

“What we want is a relationship,” Mark adds. “We’ll be the experts that will take care of your hair in the long term. Hindi lang siya yung one-time visit then you’re good.” In the RX pad, you’ll find everything done to your hair—from the diagnosis, the products used for treatment, the amount and formula, down to the at-home aftercare your hair needs.

MEGA | #GotMarqed: Reimagined Hair Care With Marqed Salon

In a world where the skincare is everyone’s utmost priority, Marqed Salon changes the landscapes of hair care putting it on top. It’s our crowning glory after all. According to Mark, we can still dye our hair even in the summer. We can go for haircuts that may seem a little too wild for everyone else. “As long as you know the guidelines and how to take care of it,” he shares, and this salon will be there to guide you through your hair care journey.

Getting Marqed

For the longest time, I have struggled to look for the salon that I will come back to. A lot promises high-quality services and products for use but not everyone makes me want to get up and come back for my follow-up treatment. In this search, I’ve found Marqed Salon. To feel special and connected with my stylists is far more important than just an expensive treatment. It’s the way these people care for my hair far more than I do and in the process helping me reach that level of appreciation too.

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