Gretchen Ho Elevates ‘Woman In Action’ Advocacy in New Adventure Series

Gretchen Ho Elevates ‘Woman In Action’ Advocacy in New Adventure Series


Truly a woman of action, Gretchen Ho moves men and women to stay true to their calling, find their courage and willpower, and forge their own path to success

When asked about our reasons to jump out of bed in the morning, more often than not, we come up with vague answers like being able to watch the sun rise, to take a good look at our loved ones and realize how happy they are, and to get a good grasp of life while half the world is fast asleep. Either that, or we just shrug our shoulders because we haven’t practically realized our ikigai or purpose for being. Gretchen Ho, on the other hand, has found the intersection between her passion, mission, vocation, and profession as she inspires change one step, one move, and one action at a time.

Ever since she was introduced as a rookie player in the collegiate division, Gretchen has been on a blazing path to success. With her dedication and drive to weather the proverbial storms in pirsuit of her goals, she has become an icon dubbed as a “woman in action” and an empowered one at that, through her projects and advocacies toward making a huge positive difference in other people’s lives. Say, in her most recent campaign #DonateABikeSaveAJob, more than 1,500 bicycles were donated to frontline workers for an easier access to-and-fro work.

Making a difference by engaging with the world

Last October, Gretchen dared to get her hands dirty and jumped into the heat of the action as she personifies her vision of learning about life through sports, travel, and adventure. She unleashed the fearless wanderer in her with a new travel infotainment series, “Woman In Action”, whose name was inspired by her own website developed during the peak of COVID-19 pandemic. With that, she aims to bring her platform outside the confinements of a studio.

“I’ve found that traveling is best done by going off the beaten path. As a runner, I’ve made it a point to run in each destination I go to, and the streets always reveal something that tourist destinations won’t. It’s in connecting with the people that we really understand and learn about a place. What you will find in this show is not just a sense of adventure, but also a desire to create sustainable impact everywhere we go. That impact isn’t a one-way street though, as we, together with the audiences, seek to be moved and changed by what we see, hear and know,” articulates the Woman-in-Action host.

An all-around and hardworking woman-in-action indeed, Gretchen would like to take us on a riveting journey of awesome discoveries in remote places in the country and shed a light on the situation of Filipino communities through unique storytelling that will inspire and move people to action. 

Realizing the purpose for being in travelling

With its pilot episode premiering last October 1 on Cignal Tv’s One News, Woman In Action celebrates life and the countless adventures the world has to offer. It is a deep dive into the reality of different individuals in a society different than ours, with each escapade leaving you with the key takeaway: “How can I make the world a better place for everybody?”

“What I’ve found in my years working in the media is that there are many young brilliant people all over the country just waiting for an opportunity. My show seeks to be a vehicle for that—to connect those people to local communities and to our audiences, in an effort to create, not just memories, but also opportunities. I’m excited for this chance to be able to write and document some of the stories and take a more active part as producer of the show”, Gretchen adds.

Anchored in the tagline “Changing the world—one story, one action at a time”, Gretchen Ho and her new show Woman In Action encourage viewers to be socially responsible travelers, and inspire people to live a life of meaning by finding the balance between what they want to do and what they are called to do.

Join Gretchen Ho in her travels and explorations in Woman In Action every Saturday, 7:30 p.m. on One News via Cignal, CH. 8 on SD and CH. 250 on HD. You can also catch Woman in Action on SatLite CH. 60 and on the Cignal Play app on Android and iOS, with replays on One PH, CH. 1 every Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

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