Gucci Valigeria Inspires a Century of Luxury Travel in Paris

Gucci Valigeria Inspires a Century of Luxury Travel in Paris


In this legacy of heritage and contemporary design, discover Gucci’s travel essentials as it combines style and practicality with luxury

This luxury fashion brand is celebrated for a multitude of things: the creation of signature monograms, pioneering luxury collaborations, and setting the standard for high-end Italian craftsmanship. Among these is the Gucci Valigeria line, honoring the brand’s roots and the inspiring influence of travel that laid the foundation for its inception by its creator, Guccio Gucci.

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The Gucci Porter line is a collaboration with luggage-maker FPM Milano
The line includes aluminum, hard-sided travel bags
The Porter bags are crafted for the modern traveler

Sophisticated influence

In his early days as a porter at The Savoy, Guccio Gucci found inspiration in the sophisticated luggage of the international elite. This revelation became the start of a leather goods shop in Florence in 1921, specializing in ‘valigeria Inglese’ or English luggage.

Global Brand Ambassador Ni Ni and Chang Chen star in the new campaign for Gucci Valigeria

Fast forward over a century, and the luxury house revisits this with the Gucci Valigeria collection. This travel ensemble comprises trolleys, hard and soft suitcases, duffle bags, trunks, hat boxes, and beauty cases, each a testament to the House’s enduring craftsmanship and its founder’s humble beginnings.

Modern traveler, contemporary wanderer

Emblematic codes like the GG monogram and the Web stripe dance across various designs, from duffles to trolleys and steamer trunks. This seasonal offering encapsulates the inventive spirit that defines the House, with precious skins like crocodiles elevating the craftsmanship to new heights.

Savoy medium trolley in beige and ebony

For the modern traveler, the aluminum hard-sided Gucci Porter line emerges, a collaboration with the renowned Italian luxury luggage-maker FPM Milano. Bank trolleys and vanity cases crafted in this line cater to the contemporary wanderer, a fusion of functionality and style.

Porter cabin plus trolley in beige and ebony
Porter beauty case in silver aluminum

Chic spin on classic travel gear

The product details offer classic elements reimagined for the contemporary world. Trolleys, duffle bags, and various pieces from the Gucci Savoy collection offer versatility in both design and function. Soft and hard-sided iterations feature the GG monogram and Web stripe, encapsulating the essence of Gucci’s heritage.

Savoy medium duffle bag in beige and ebony

The lineup extends to new silhouettes, including bowling bags, bowling totes, and box totes. Garment bags, watch cases, and vanity cases add a touch of luxury to the soft selection. Hard-sided items, echoing Gucci’s artisanal origins, range from trunks to suitcases, all finely crafted and adorned with the iconic GG monogram and Web stripe.

Savoy small cabin trolley in beige and blue

Gucci Valigeria’s residence

To celebrate the legacy of Gucci’s luggage, a first-ever dedicated Gucci Valigeria boutique has found its home at 229 Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. Drawing inspiration from the Belle Époque, or “beautiful era” as it is regarded as Europe’s golden age, the store recreates the ambiance of a vintage railway carriage, providing an intimate setting to showcase the curated selection from the House’s travel offerings.

Global Ambassador Ni Ni

From the refined inspiration that sparked Guccio Gucci’s vision to the indispensable essentials for today’s travelers, each piece in this collection is unlocked as the doors of the boutique in the heart of Paris swing open. Within the enticement of the Rue Saint-Honoré setting, a new chapter in luxury travel is turned—a nostalgic fusion of style and practicality, a reference to Gucci’s legacy, and an invitation to explore fresh horizons in new design.

Photos: GUCCI

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