GUESS Continues to Go Green with The Plastic Flamingo and a New Eco Collection

GUESS Continues to Go Green with The Plastic Flamingo and a New Eco Collection


GUESS partners with The Plastic Flamingo and directly supports the movement towards responsible use of materials, both within the company through their fashion, as well as through community-building

As the fashion industry continues to grow exponentially year after year, consumers start to become more conscious not just about what they buy, but the lasting effects of their decisions. Purchasing your next favorite closet staple can come at a cost, and this is something the global contemporary lifestyle brand GUESS is well aware of.

In 2016, GUESS Europe launched the brand’s first Eco Collection, reflecting their sustainability goals which, even until today, stands as a visible commitment to a greener tomorrow. These efforts include responsibly sourced materials and proper water use—an important aspect for a company known for their quality denims.

What started as a grassroots effort within the company has now quickly grown into one of the most important initiatives and values now spread worldwide. The cries of consumers and the inescapable truth about our environment can no longer be ignored, which is why GUESS threads consciousness into their clothing through the expanding GUESS Eco Collection.

Green starts with G

As conversations on sustainability continue to echo in the fashion industry, GUESS takes the initiative to change internally first. By 2025, the fashion giant aims to completely transition to 100% recycled or bio-based polyester. Currently, pieces from their GUESS Eco Collection are already made with 20-100% certified sustainable materials that are organic, recycled, or responsibly sourced.

It will take a few more years for a complete transition, but the brand seems to be on the right track by focusing on ROI, meaning Recycled, Organic and Innovative materials in order to create fashion-forward sustainable clothing. 

Supporting a transformation

However, GUESS does not just wish to change their practices, but to also support other organizations that share a similar mindset. GUESS partnered with The Plastic Flamingo, a social enterprise based in the Philippines that, as their name suggests, works with plastic. They collect and transform this material into a range of sustainable construction materials which can be used to build new schools, housing, and shelters.

In celebration of Earth Month, 5% of all GUESS Eco sales were donated to The Plastic Flamingo. This directly contributes to the social enterprise’s goal of being able to yearly up-cycle 2,000 tons of plastic waste by 2023.

Through internal changes and support to world-changing initiatives founded on care and compassion, this future many of us have been praying for may come sooner. GUESS surely plays its part in the transformation of the industry, and groups like The Plastic Flamingo help construct a more responsible future, literally. 

Shop the latest from the GUESS Eco Collection on their website. To learn more about The Plastic Flamingo, visit their website.

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