Keep an Eye Wide Open: The GUESS Originals x NIKI Collection Brings a Gift to Every Moonchild

Keep an Eye Wide Open: The GUESS Originals x NIKI Collection Brings a Gift to Every Moonchild


She’s taking over with a limited edition capsule that brings her fantasies to life.

There’s no easy way to describe NIKI’s music. Each song will keep you guessing what her genre is as she touches every melody masterfully with her soulful voice. Her popular hits vary in tone and story, ranging from a beat you can dance to like Indigo, to a song dripping with melancholy like Sugarplum Elegy. NIKI has grown as an artist with her label 88rising right in front of our eyes. Hearing her new album, Moonchild, is akin to witnessing a whole new milestone as she takes on the role of a storyteller. Here, she unravels a more somber facet and explores new sounds and rhythms influenced by jazz, pop, and even orchestra, with each song playing like a chapter in the book that is Moonchild—opening up with raw feelings right off the bat with the first song, Wide Open (Foreword), and later introducing the protagonist, Selene.

The creative direction of the new album itself is a notch different from her previous pieces like lowkey, I Like U, and urs. In Moonchild, NIKI takes full artistic control in every aspect—creating a realm that is uniquely hers, draped in fantasy and set in a place among the stars. Bringing this world from her imagination to reality, the singer has collaborated with GUESS Originals and released a limited edition capsule, aptly named Moonchild

GUESS and 88rising have a 3-year joint history of supporting artists while creating merchandise and collections around cultural moments, so it’s no surprise that NIKI would have her own capsule when she launched her new album. “To have my own GUESS Originals x NIKI ‘Moonchild’ collection is like a fever dream!” she said. “I used to play dress-up in my mom’s GUESS shoes and handbags as a little girl. I remember regularly perusing the stores with her as a teenager! To see an album that I worked on for two years take on a new life in fashion is a dream come true!”

“NIKI is a young and energetic artist from the 88rising team that we have been excited to work with over the past three years.” says GUESS Director of Brand Partnerships, Nicolai Marciano. “Even before the album was complete, Sean of 88rising and everyone else was very confident in NIKI as an artist. The first time NIKI had an in-store appearance for us, her presence created pandemonium with fans. Once there was more music, I was able to check it out at the studio and she immediately impressed me with her sound and vision to market the album. To see it come full circle through our partnership is really meaningful for both brands.”
The GUESS Originals x NIKI Moonchild capsule is an embodiment of the fictional world that the singer has created. Each piece is a nod to NIKI’s muse, the moon, and the rest of the heavenly bodies. One of the highlights is a women’s tank top that pairs with a matching biker short in a constellation print. The rest of the collection suits both men and women, which includes a selection of short sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, jogger pants, and baseball hats in black and purple hues that mimic the lunar-themed album creative. The garments also feature NIKI’s signature Moonchild logo.

Moonchild is a testament to 88rising’s impact on culture by putting Asian artists on the global stage. This partnership is important for GUESS and 88rising to reach a new generation of youth fans through this capsule worldwide. GUESS strove to highlight NIKI’s aesthetics around the album and allow her fans a tangible fashion moment. This capsule is an integration of the brands’ strong mutual ties in music, art, and culture, and commemorates NIKI’s incredible body of work.

The limited edition capsule will launch online in the country on December 15th at and will hit GUESS stores on the 19th. Prices range from PHP 1,898 to PHP 5,498.

For more information, visit GUESS’s website or follow the hashtags #GUE88, #GUESSOriginals x NIKI, and @nikizefanya x #GUESSOriginals.

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