Hair Ribbons, Finger Waves, and Downtown Updos Dominate New York Fashion Week

Hair Ribbons, Finger Waves, and Downtown Updos Dominate New York Fashion Week


As NYFW SS24 comes to a close, we review all the memorable hair moments that are set to dominate the future

The month of September signals the most exciting time in the beauty calendar—Spring/Summer 2024 season. At New York Fashion Week, emerging talents and notable designers showcased a series of creativity and innovation that is poised to shape the future of the industry, but it was a big moment for beauty, too. This season, there was an energy shift when it came to hair direction. It’s no longer the runway’s underscore. More so, it’s starting to take center stage. 

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new york fashion week hair
Photo: LACY REDWAY (via Instagram)

Now that NYFW SS24 has come to an end, we look back at all the creative hair visuals spotted on the runway. From Christian Siriano’s hair ribbons to 31 Philip Lim’s downtown updos, here are these season’s standout hair moments.

Hair ribbons

Photo: CHRISTIAN SIRIANO (via Instagram)

Bows are noticeably ubiquitous in the fashion sphere’s hair direction. Take Christian Siriano’s Spring/Summer 2024 show as an example. In the display, hair ribbons became a signature accessory that complemented the models’ overall dainty look. The ribbon renaissance was also felt in full force at shows like Collina Strada and Sandy Liang.  It’s versatile and playful, the kind that can simply reign free in many different forms. 

Finger waves

JASON WU Finger Waves Hairstyle new york fashion week
Photo: JASON WU (via Instagram)

Jason Wu showcased a visual story of embracing imperfections with his collection. Inside Isamu Noguchi’s Sunken Garden at 28 Liberty, guests witnessed his play on delicate fabric deconstructions, 30s scientific drawings-inspired prints, and ethereal dresses. Mermaidcore-inspired beauty looks also made an appearance on the show. But the standout detail? The classic finger wave hairstyle. 

Downtown updos

31 PHILIP LIM Downtown Updo
Photo: 31 PHILIP LIM (via Instagram)

31 PHILIP LIM’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection for New York Fashion Week placed sleek hairstyles to rest with its downtown updo entry. Taking inspiration from the effortless and natural downtown appeal, the look captures the beauty of the undone. To achieve the runway-approved hairdo, gather the hair and create a ponytail. Secure it with a clear elastic, but leave the ponytail incomplete by not pulling all the hair through. As for the results? It leaves a slightly disheveled and effortlessly cool appearance.

Featured Image: CHRISTIAN SIRIANO (via Instagram)

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