Halloween Hairstyles Inspired by Your Favorite Unhinged Female Icons

Halloween Hairstyles Inspired by Your Favorite Unhinged Female Icons


From Amy Dunne of Gone Girl to Alice Chambers of Don’t You Worry Darling, let these icons inspire your next fright night hairstyle

As we all know, Halloween is the one night a year when you can stretch your imagination and no other person can say anything about it. But with all the spooky soirées just a few days away, the pressure is on if you’re still looking for creative entries that are easy enough to do on your own. Don’t fret—there is still plenty to draw from. After all, it is a perfect chance to dream up a costume that pays tribute to the buzziest movie icons. And no, it’s not Barbie. Case in point? Unhinged female icons. 

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Think Amy Dune of Gone Girl or Alice Chambers of Don’t You Worry Darling. There’s nothing as truly frightening as female rage—with good hair, of course. So, in honor of your favorite unhinged female icons, here are five spooky-but-chic hairstyles that will make you feel like a star this Halloween.

Amy Dunne of Gone Girl 

Amy Dune makes a perfect hair muse this spooky season. Anyone who is working with short hair would easily pick up the look, but those with long hair shouldn’t worry as there are multiple ways to make a faux bob. And if it doesn’t work as planned, a wig will be your saving grace. 

Pearl of Pearl 

Even a year later, Pearl and its titular character are still everyone’s Roman Empire—at least beauty-wise. And what is a better way to pay homage than with her signature double rope braid hairstyle? Start by carefully parting the hair in the middle. On one side, separate the hair into two sections and create a rope braid. Repeat the process for the remaining hair. Once accomplished, take the tip of the hair to the middle part and secure it with a hair ribbon. 

Nancy Downs of The Craft 

Fright films will always have their goths, witches, and gothic witches. Case in point? Nancy Downs of The Craft. Taking inspiration from one of the most unhinged teen characters the world has ever seen, messy, undone hair makes for an impactful look that you can do in a matter of minutes. As for the best hair product to use? Drop the gel. Use a trusted hair wax instead and rank it through damp hair. Wax is the best formula to use in achieving a chunky, textured finish. 

Alice Chambers of Don’t Worry Darling 

Perhaps one of our favorite overthinkers, Alice Chambers of Don’t You Worry Darling also makes the perfect hair muse. To replicate her classic updo, take a round brush when blow-drying the hair to give it the right volume and bounce. Then, backcomb the hair crown from the ends to the roots to create a beehive and pin it in place. Smooth the base over with a rat-tailed comb and secure it with a spritz of hairspray. Don’t forget the black bow to finish off the look! 

Nina Sayers of Black Swan

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without an ode to Nina Sayers of Black Swan. All you really need is a simple and polished updo. To look like everyone’s favorite ballerina, start by applying a trusted gel or mousse. Then, pull the hair back into a sleek ponytail. Once secured, twist the ponytail into a tightrope and twist it into a bun. Complete the look with a spritz of trusted hairspray and you’re ready to scream to everyone that you are the swan queen.

Featured Image: A24 (via official website)

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