Halloween Makeup Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite Final Girls

Halloween Makeup Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite Final Girls


Take a page from these final girls on how to dress like a real scream queen this Halloween!

Fright films will always have its quintessential slashers, killers, and poltergeists. While it is seemingly impossible to escape death, there will always be one specific character that surprisingly survives. Case in point? Final girls. These characters are heralded as the last woman standing—or even better—ones who made it to the end due to their own abilities. 

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Maxine Minx from X movie makeup ideas for halloween

Maxine Minx from X movie

It’s undeniable that final girls make the best plot in any fright films, so why not dream up a beauty beat that pays tribute to them this Halloween? After all, it’s one creative entry that takes minimal effort and leaves a maximum impact! And to help you get started, we listed three memorable characters that are simply perfect for any type of spooky soirees. 

Margot from The Menu 

Perhaps one of the easiest final girl looks to pull, Margot from The Menu makes the perfect fit for anyone who is looking for a low-maintenance look that makes a lasting impression. Her makeup is kept pared down but punctuated with a statement lip. As for her hair? A classic low-bun with a braided crown. Complete your costume with a lilac lace dress and a cheeseburger to go! 

Maxine Minx from X 

Maxine Minx from X is certainly for the girls who are ready to scream, “I will not accept the life I do not deserve!” She mostly keeps her hair down, but opt for big curls to mimic her actual style. Meanwhile, her makeup formula is one thing that is easy to decode—bleached brows and baby blue eyeshadow. Pro tip: A great hack is to coat your brow hair with a concealer if you’re not yet ready to delete your brows. 

Sidney Presscot from Scream 

Considered as one of the original final girls, Sidney Presscot from the Scream franchise will surely garner a reaction for fright film fans! More so, makes for a timeless and easy look to copy on your own. Opt for a creamy gel liner to recreate her signature indie-sleeze eyes. Next, take a round brush when styling the hair to give you a bouncy and voluminous finish! And voila—a look that is scream-worthy! 

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