Hand on Heart: The Design Behind Celeste Cortesi’s Cape

Hand on Heart: The Design Behind Celeste Cortesi’s Cape


Here’s why colorful handprints decorated Celeste Cortesi’s cape at the Miss Universe preliminary competition

Over the years, we have witnessed how beauty pageants evolved into something greater. While it was merely about physicality back then, it has now become a stage to empower fellow women, and a platform to voice certain issues that we face today. Beauty pageants symbolize the beauty of a woman who speaks with her kindness and passion.

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And just today as they aired the Miss Universe 2022 preliminary competition, we were able to see the new batch of beauty queens from all over the world, wearing beautiful creations that speak of their advocacies. Miss Universe, yet again, displayed how beauty transcends what we see and how it can be a beacon of hope.

Photo Credit: @dion.trinidad (via Instagram)

Miss Universe enthusiasts are very much aware of the usual events that go through the pageant. The routine starts with the introduction of queens, which is followed by the swimsuit portion, then the evening gown for the final segment. However this time around, it was a pleasant surprise to see a parade of capes decorated with unique designs.

For Miss Universe Philippines Celeste Cortesi, she wanted to give the pageant platform to the unheard voices of children who need help. While she stunned everyone in a Viva Magenta-esque bikini, it was her cape that stole the show. It had colorful handprints scattered across the fabric, a reminder of what it means to hold a title with purpose.

“In amplifying the voices of the children who need our help, I wanted to bring them with me on the Miss Universe stage. The imprints all over the cape remind me that having a title means to have a purpose beyond myself.”

Celeste Cortesi

The beauty queen elaborated further into the design as she recalled her past, as well as the struggles of her mother who supported two daughters—reminding her of many others experiencing the same hardship, and some even in a more difficult situation. In the end, Celeste only hopes to inspire people to also help those in need.

Photo Credit: @themissuniverseph (via Instagram)
Photo Credit: @themissuniverseph (via Instagram)

Featured Image from MISS UNIVERSE (via Instagram)

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