Happy Andrada’s Collection Celebrates Filipino Culture

Happy Andrada’s Collection Celebrates Filipino Culture


In a collaboration that marries tradition with modernity, fashion designer Happy Andrada recently unveiled her remarkable 10-piece collection at Ascott

Blending past and present, the illustrious fashion virtuoso, whose works have been shown around the world including Amsterdam, Seoul, and London, has unveiled her 10-piece collection at Ascott. The event is a first-time collaboration between an artist and an establishment, marking the launch of the Ascott Soirée, which celebrates the hotel’s passion for the fine arts that supports local and homegrown artists. This artistic partnership seamlessly weaves together the identity of Filipino heritage with contemporary charm, resulting in an intriguing presentation of creative excellence that has left attendees in awe.

happy andrada

Andrada’s collection masterfully combined elements of Filipiniana heritage with captivating digital prints, highlighting the iconic solihiya pattern and other indigenous weaves. The event served as a testament to Ascott’s commitment to promoting local talents and preserving cultural heritage, resonating with a timeless elegance that transcends boundaries. 

The collection is a display of traditions, textures, and visions. Each piece within the collection is a harmonious fusion of ancestral echoes and modern innovation, a reflection of the designer’s commitment to preserving the essence of Filipino culture while embracing the fluidity of evolving trends. The juxtaposition of age-old motifs with the chic vibrancy of contemporary design showcases an astute understanding of fashion’s role as a canvas for storytelling.

Happy Andrada's Collection 2023

In an exclusive interview with Happy Andrada, we gained insights into the creative journey that birthed this exquisite collection. She shared that she embarked on a journey of texture exploration, utilizing pineapple fibers and weaves from Abra. Inspired by Ascott’s logos, she ingeniously incorporated rattan prints and belts reminiscent of intricate basket weaving. This creative process exemplified her dedication to infusing her unique touch into every detail.

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happy andrada collection 2023

Despite the collaboration’s corporate context, she managed to infuse her personal style and silhouette into the collection. She seamlessly blended her signature treatments with Ascott’s colors, drawing inspiration from wood wicker baskets for prints. This delicate balance between personal identity and collaborative vision showcased her artistic finesse. 

Andrada shared that while Ascott provided color guidelines and the logo, she had the creative freedom to shape the collection according to her vision. This resulted in a harmonious fusion of interior elements, logo colors, and her own inventive interpretations.

Happy Andrada's Collection 2023

The collection, a love letter to Ascott, speaks to Andrada’s desire to offer clients attire that transcends traditional boundaries. She aimed to create pieces that could be worn not only for formal occasions, but also seamlessly integrated into a variety of events, ensuring practical elegance.

A distinctive synergy emerged between Ascott’s values and Andrada’s designs. The former’s commitment to supporting local weavers found resonance in the latter’s use of indigenous materials and techniques. The partnership became a celebration of Filipino craftsmanship and ingenuity.

happy andrada collection 2023

While Andrada maintained her recognizable silhouettes, she expressed her inclination toward experimentation. Her design philosophy involves working with pleats, diverse cuts, and unexpected combinations. This penchant for unpredictability keeps her creations fresh and dynamic.

Happy Andrada’s collaboration with Ascott is a testament to the power of merging creative minds to produce something exceptional. The collection captures the essence of Filipino heritage and celebrates the spirit of collaboration and innovation. As the event attendees marveled at the fusion of elegance and tradition, it was clear that Happy Andrada had once again proven her place at the forefront of the Philippine fashion scene, inspiring both her contemporaries and future generations to come.

Photography DAN TAN

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