Happy Hour May Have Drastically Changed, But This Cocktail Delivery Service Will Still Have You Saying, Let’s Go

Happy Hour May Have Drastically Changed, But This Cocktail Delivery Service Will Still Have You Saying, Let’s Go


Who says we cannot have a good ‘ol time with drinks, music, and endless conversation, you know, just like we all used to enjoy? With the convenience of this cocktail delivery service, happy hour will never go away.

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Remember when the prefaced postulation of possibilities distilled in the monosyllabic Filipino term “tara” meant more than just the literal translation? There’s still more to this word than saying let’s go, but now, it exists as a caveat in hindsight, especially in a world of crisis that doesn’t to let up quite just yet. Now, this doesn’t mean anything less of a good time, but with an adherence to strict self-isolation, the almost split-second decision to just up and go to whatever floats your boat on any given day is not jut likely yet. In fact, the shifting of the definitive planes has compelled everyone to adapt and fast, flipping everything we once knew to better survive the reality we all are in, including happy hour.

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Drinking is a communal ritual, one that is enjoyed with everything from greasy bar chow, inebriated dancing, and singing out of tune, and yes, one too many promises of one-for-the-road. This still hasn’t changed much, except that all the munching, merriment, and memories made are limited to the virtual plane. Sure, the physical experience of the weekend inuman is sorely missed, but this doesn’t mean people have stopped wanting to hit the booze brigade at any given chance, especially now. While the promise of the nightlife in bars, hole-in-the-walls, and speakeasies may be stalled for the time being, it has only made us work smarter for an ice cold cocktail at the end of draining blur of a work-from-home day.

Adhering to the digital migration and evolution of our current context, the possibility of a cocktail delivery service now exists to make drinking more accessible and convenient to your wants and yes, needs. With what started as an idea over a Zoom call and drinks, it was a befitting beginning to the organic genesis of Tara! Cocktails, a delivery service of bespoke cocktails inspired by the colorful Filipino culture. Carefully curated and crafted by their bartenders, the cocktail delivery service intends to bring the experience closer to home, making everything a tad bit for bearable and dare we say, fun these days. The people behind Tara! Cocktails believe that despite everything, “it wouldn’t hurt to find a reason, big or small, to celebrate every barkada, every family, every Filipino.”

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With a diverse range of distinct flavors, Tara! Cocktails whisks us away to the glory of the good times with five profiles that encapsulate the Filipino experience. Beginning with Manila Sound, a classic mix of gin and pomelo that harks back to our economical college go-tos, this time doused with soju and bitters; Barako, a whisky-based old-fashion that is lashed with a big and bold dose of coffee; Piñata, the bright pineapple- and calamansi-laced swirl of aged rhum reminiscent of a languid afternoon hummed to a nap by the chorus of beachside waves (Tip: an extra slice of the hero fruit adds a gutsy tropical punch and makes it even more deceptive than it already is.); Mamita, a more subtle attraction of whisky, dayap, and homemade syrup that dances on the mouth like a ballroom swing, complete with a dazzle of sparkles when taken liberally; and finally, Tukso, a pointed jungle juice that will tempt you for sip after sip with its coy combo of aged rhum, mango, and dayap, this is a fivesome that will easily rival all your favorite 90s bands that soundtracked all your drinking sessions.

More than just its menu of drinks, which you can order by the increments of one, three, and five bottles, as well as a sample set of five 250 ml servings, the cocktail delivery service becomes a more visceral experience with its accompanying OPM playlist that will not only get you in the mood, but a grooving good ‘ol time with your choice of drink in hand. Sure, there is no shimmering of lights, swirls of smoke curling in the air, and a symphony of conversation that coalesces into the thick of the air, but it is still heaps of fun nonetheless.

tara cocktails

The current condition of our circumstance may have changed the way we enjoy things, maybe even redefining the what the phrase let’s go means in the framework of happy hour, but that doesn’t mean we can’t order in our favorite drink from a cocktail delivery service that will make you want to clink one bottle of drink after the other. So, tara?

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