Harlan + Holden Is All About The Art of Uniform Dressing

Harlan + Holden Is All About The Art of Uniform Dressing


Just like how a modern woman knows that time is of the essence, Harlan + Holden also respects that time is definitely our most prized luxury.

As Harlan + Holden provides modern women clothes that can keep up with their busy lifestyle with no time to waste, comfort has always been the brand’s utmost priority.


The brand shared to MEGA that they “want to provide them with clothes that are easy and comfortable which makes their lives better and easier.”

Each piece perfectly complements a modern woman’s dynamic lifestyle, for it helps them spend less time choosing, wearing and caring for their clothes. It has never been just a style of dressing but rather an approach to dressing.

By having this kind of vision for the brand, “it gives [modern women] more time for things that matter most—spending it with family, exercising, living a healthy lifestyle and the likes.”

Uniform Dressing

Harlan + Holden is averse to trendy fashion simply because they encourage their consumers to value the method of “uniform dressing.” It is to mix and match their clothes with what already exists in their wardrobe.

Since their clothes are not seasonal and want its consumers to fully utilize their clothes, the brand explained that their line is all about classic and “timeless pieces… designed for mobility and comfort.” Their garments prove that all finished products are a marvel of construction up close even if it is deceptively simple from afar.


Aside from their pieces that are designed to be easily worn, Harlan + Holden promotes fine tailoring, clean finish and a keen attention to details.

Be the best version of a modern day woman and grab the essentials from Harlan + Holden located at Adora Greenbelt 5, SM Mega Fashion Hall, Shangri-La Plaza, The 30th Ayala Mall, Power Plant Mall, Sm Aura, Alabang Town Center and Trinoma Mall.

Check out their collection and buy online  at harlanholden.com and follow them on Instagram at @harlanholden for more updates.

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