He Said It: Derek Ramsay’s New Relationship

He Said It: Derek Ramsay’s New Relationship


Every time a relationship ends, Derek just becomes stronger, and braver when it comes to love. He is not daunted by heartbreak, he is even emboldened by it.

“I’ve made mistakes. I’ve thought I’ve been in love. And then, it’s not this one. Because it was like, my body was reacting to these three words, just letting go of these three words. But I’m not going to let that change me. Look what’s happening now, I’m bashed left and right. People don’t take the time to think about what actually transpired,” Derek Ramsay admits.

Now he’s just who he is, unapologetically. And that’s also what he’s looking for in a woman who will one day be his wife.

“I want somebody who’s trustworthy, somebody who’s beautiful, patient, all of these things are a given, but love’s an intangible thing. There has to be like, a chemical reaction in your body. Right? It’s good stress, it’s bad stress. You have to have that. But with that said, I just want somebody who’s truly comfortable with who they are. No best foot forward, you know, pakita mo na yung baho mo sa umpisa pa lang. That’s what I want. And sometimes we’re all guilty of that. I’ve been guilty of it—that you find somebody interesting and you put up this front, and it’s not really who you are. I’ve been guilty of that quite a number of times, but not lately. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t do that because it’s just going to backfire. So I’m not afraid to show who I am. And that’s the attack that I had been giving in the past relationships and recent relationships that I’ve had.”

“She needs to prioritize family. I think you’ve known me now for how long now, and I’ve always talked about it, right? So for me, importante talaga. I don’t want to have a marriage where hindi nagkakasundo yung mga pamilya. I want our families to be solid. We all become one and have our family trips together. If you have a problem, call my dad, but I’d be comfortable just to call my in-laws as well. Parang ganun yung gusto ko.

In talking to his parents, Derek Sr and Mommy Medy, they told me that all they want is for Derek to have a good and happy life. And that their son finds the right partner that complements his personality and makes him happy. They pray that she’s someone with a strong faith, a love for family, someone who respects her parents, is well-mannered, beautiful inside out, patient and kind, and someone who in the future can take good care of her family.

Derek Ramsay’s long-time manager and one of his closest friends, JLD Management’s Jojie Dingcong is very hopeful to see Derek finally settle down with a God-centered and God-fearing person that will truly make his good friend of twentysomething years truly happy.

And these days, everyone can tell how happy Derek is in this new relationship.

“We follow each other on Instagram. But we didn’t formally know each other. We were supposed to work together before, in a movie. But that didn’t materialize,” Derek continues to tell me of the night he first met her.

“I was actually going to be set up on a blind date that I didn’t want to do that night. And just like that, John (Estrada) called me and said ‘Wag na yan, tara na!,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay, you know what, I really don’t want to do this blind date. I hate blind dates.’ And I ended up going. And it was funny because when I got there, I was finally introduced to her. So, yeah, it was a wonderful evening,” Derek recalls.

Ruffa (Guttierez) was at another table and she came around the corner and saw me and said ‘I’ve known you for years,’ and she said ‘You know that I live a few houses down from you, and she does, too.’ And I was like, ‘Sige! I’ll host a dinner for all of us,’ Derek Ramsay tells of his and her “cupids,” John and Ruffa.

Photo by Ellen Adarna

“She met my dad. My dad was seated right beside her. Most women would have been, you know, prim and proper. But she was herself. And that’s what made the evening really, really wonderful,” Derek smiles.

“It was just so easy. And yeah, we had a wonderful evening. And that’s when I said, ‘Oh no! Meron akong nararamdaman! Patay!I tried to put it out. I tried to put it out. But she’s just so fun to be around. And it was just fun. Everyday, it’s just even more fun. There’s no boring, dull moment,” Derek smiles even wider.

“Remember, I told you this, that love’s this intangible thing! There’s got to be this chemical reaction. I feel that. I feel that everyday. I feel like I’m not telling myself to be in love. It’s from my head down to my toes, every morning. It’s just there. And that’s what my dad talks about with my mom. He says, that’s the feeling that he gets! It’s like he couldn’t be with anybody else,” Derek admits.

Everyone in Derek’s life, including me, just wants him to finally get married. Because, in his heart, that is what he wants most.

“I’ve always thought I want to get married. I know I want to get married,” Derek tells me. And when I asked him “When?” he says: “Kung pwede nga bukas, bukas na eh!”

Because it looks like Derek Ramsay has finally met his match.

And he’s not shy about it. Why would he be? “I’m not afraid to let my feelings go rightaway because before baka hindi, baka hindi, baka hindi, kalma ka lang. That chemical reaction I told you, it’s like the first time I’ve felt it! And it’s like, WOW! What is this?”

Derek Ramsey Ellen Adarna

I lean in because Derek is now really getting to the good stuff. He just can’t help himself.

“I was blindsided. Super blindsided,” Derek admits of this unexpected feeling.

“Are you in love?” I ask sharply.
“G!” Derek tries to reel himself back in.
“I think she’s the one. And I say it’s gonna happen quick,” Derek lets his emotions go.

And like just like that, the floodgates open.

“Seriously. Like no joke. Sometimes you need to live a crazy life. I’ve always been living a safe life, and now, parang holy shit! I don’t know what’s coming. I don’t know what’s happening…” Derek exclaims.

“I think it excites you,” I suggest to him.

“I’ve had so many relationships, you know? But there’s nothing like this talaga. Like we were up all night just talking about it. Two Alphas. We’re both fucking Alphas!”

I ask Derek Ramsay finally if she’s the one, the one he’s going to marry.

“My heart tells me if I don’t follow through with this one, I’ll regret it. Everything in my heart is telling me that, she’s the one. And my heart’s telling me, I did not even listen to this anymore (points to his head). You know, this (his head) was controlling this (his heart) so many times before. This is to say, screw the brain! Don’t listen to it! Don’t even let it guide you, okay? Ito na nagsasalita na ako. Ito na, manahimik na lahat!” Derek just can’t help himself.

“Yeah, it’s an incredible feeling that I wish everybody would experience it. It really is. And I’m so happy that I took my time. And I don’t want to sound like I’m being mean to all the relationships that I’ve had. Those relationships were special to me. They have a special place in my heart. And they taught me so many things. And all those relationships helped for me to get to where I am now and for me to feel this, this thing that I’m feeling! And it’s just strange how all of this happened. It came out of nowhere! She’s from Cebu. I’m from here. She becomes my neighbor. She’s walked past my house a few times, because she goes out for walks with her son. And then an opportunity was given for us to meet. We didn’t waste time, I guess. People, around us knew it would happen. Kami, in denial pa kami. Now ito na, and I’m not scared. I’m not worried,” Derek exclaims.

She’s the one.”

So yes, the “Ultimate Leading Man,” Derek Ramsay, is now proudly in a relationship. He has finally found her. Or rather, she found him…when he wasn’t even looking.

And she is no other than Ellen Adarna.

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